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AARP Community Challenge Grantees List by State: South Carolina-Wyoming

More than 1,000 projects have been funded since our quick-action grant program began in 2017

Here's our complete state-by-state list of the AARP Community Challenge grants that have been awarded since our quick-action grant program began in 2017.

  • Anderson: Anderson Arts Center
    This project will revitalize a public space with a mural and a community garden, which will open opportunities to educate residents in art as well as produce food to help those in need. Photo Album (2019)
  • Berea: Greenville County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
    An outdoor park will be added to a renovated Community Center to create an outdoor space equipped with swings, benches, gardens, shade structures, a walking path, and a horseshoe pit. (2020)
  • Camden: City of Camden 
    A downtown alley connecting Broad Street to the Town Green lacked welcoming amenities. The grant helped enliven the connecting space. [WWL] Article and  Video (2017)
  • Charleston: Charleston Moves
    The grant will be used to create two artistic crosswalk murals as well as improvements to local intersections, providing safer pedestrian access to the neighborhood. Video and Photo Album (2018)
  • Charleston: American College of the Building Arts 
    This project will engage the community to build and install benches and a new pergola to create a community gathering space that will improve rural livability, community engagement, and support residents of all ages to relax and gather in this public space. (2019)
  • Columbia: City of Columbia
    To respond thoughtfully to the importance of social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, a temporary parklet will be constructed with movable furniture. (2020)
  • Columbia: City of Columbia
    Funding was provided to install seating along Main Street, an area that attracts pedestrians and hosts events that draw people from the surrounding region. [WWL] (2017)
  • Columbia: Transitions Homeless Center 
    Various equipment and services at the center’s new physical location will be purchased with funding, including a laptop for processing applications; beds, desks and dressers; and open houses for eligible people and their families. (2022)
  • Fort Lawn: Fort Lawn Community Center 
    ADA-compliant picnic tables and a gazebo with porch-type swings will be purchased for the town’s mini park and benches for its walking track. Concrete walking paths will be created at both. (2022)
  • Greenville: City of Greenville, Parks & Recreation 
    The grant will fund the installation of new park amenities including a park shelter, ADA-accessible game tables, horseshoe pit and entrance ramp. (2018)
  • Greenville County: Mill Community Ministries
    This project will combat food insecurity by expanding the capacity to distribute healthy, affordable food to vulnerable older residents. (2020)
  • Greenville: Mill Community Ministries 
    At a local bike shop, six workbenches will be set up, complete with tools, to allow riders to do their own repairs. Videos will be created or found on YouTube to aid the amateur mechanics. (2022)
  • Myrtle Beach: City of Myrtle Beach
    This project will enhance public safety for residents and visitors by installing vinyl wraps on utility boxes, which include sidewalk etiquette, a wayfinding map, and safety tips. Video (2020)
  • Richland County: Richland Library
    Grant funds will be used to create an open-source "Let's Talk Race" curriculum that includes facilitation training and a digital tool kit for fostering productive conversations about race, bias, inclusivity and equality. (2021)
  • Summerton: Town of Summerton 
    To support the growing need of their expanding elderly population, the Town of Summerton will create the state's first "tiny house" project built by community members and focusing on green industry certified building materials while incorporating designs specific for seniors and those with disabilities. (2020)
  • Summerton: SC Uplift Community Outreach
    The Cross My Heart Free Mobile Clinic that uses community volunteers to deliver health screenings and primary care services to low-income, uninsured and underserved populations. (2021)
  • Union County: The RobinHood Group 
    Stipends will be provided to residents over 50 who work in a community gardens, and FoodShare boxes will be given to residents in need of services. (2022)
  • Canistota: City of Canistota 
    Accessible picnic tables, benches and a water fountain will be installed to turn an undeveloped park into a safe gathering space. (2022)
  • Hill City: Community Lutheran Church Community Garden 
    Cisterns to collect rainwater will be installed at the church’s community garden, increasing the number of plots and, hence, the number food distribution sites it serves. Workshops on gardening and the use of fresh produce will also be held. (2022)
  • Huron: Huron Housing Authority
    Challenge funds will support the purchase and installation of shade trees at a new dog park that's a popular gathering spot for pets, their people and local residents. (2021)
  • Fort Pierre: Fort Pierre Community Gardens
    This grant will improve Fort Pierre by developing a community garden, providing an opportunity for people of all ages — but particularly those over 50 or with disabilities — to grow a garden. The garden will also promote social interaction, physical activity in the outdoors, and fresh produce for a healthy diet. (2019)
  • Lemmon: Lemmon Public Library
    This project will enhance the lives of people in the community by providing the infrastructure in an existing place (library) to give them an opportunity to combat loneliness and promote community. (2019)
  • Martin: SDSU Extension
    To help the Hope Garden pocket park  live up to its potential as a community asset, critical repairs and upgrades will be made. (2021)
  • MissionCity of Mission 
    A new park and center of community activity for Sičháŋǧu Oyáte (a branch of the Lakota people) will receive improvements including a new playground surface and park benches, an accessible ramp, security lights and a generator. (2021)
  • Pine Ridge: Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation
    This grant will improve multigenerational access to a playground proposed for the Regenerative Community Development project ensuring that users of all ages and mobility will be able to access and enjoy periods of prolonged activity. (2019)
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: Red Cloud Indian School
    To increase access to and encourage the use of locally grown food by older residents, the community's farmers market will host special shopping sessions (called "Elders Hours") and other age-friendly activities. (2021)
  • Rapid City: Neighbor Works Dakota Home Resources 
    Flags were placed in locations around the North Rapid neighborhood to increase interest in the area and encourage engagement in community activities. [WWL] (2017)
  • Sioux Falls: Sioux Falls Health Department
    The grant will be used to improve transportation options and the accessibility of the Sioux Falls Bike Trail by installing benches and maintenance stations for bicycles and wheelchairs. (2018)
  • Sioux Falls: Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc.
    This grant will improve walkability in two areas of downtown Sioux Falls by funding crosswalk enhancements that will calm traffic and create a more accessible and appealing public realm while improving safety and comfort for people of all ages and abilities. Photo Album (2019)
  • Sioux Falls: City of Sioux Falls Health Department
    This project will create protected lanes with a quick-build infrastructure kit along an on-street bike route that will contribute to a safe and comfortable ride for people of all ages to be physically active. (2020)
  • Sioux Falls: St Michael Parish 
    Grant funds will be used to organize and engage local volunteers by conducting a “Bystander and Upstander” workshop about making a community more inclusive and welcoming. (2021)
  • Sisseton: Sisseton Arts Council
    The grant will create a Midway Green Space that includes a sculpture created by local 50+ artists, native grasses seeded by volunteers, and two granite benches for walkers to pause, view the sculpture and read an interpretive sign. (2020)
  • Vermillion: City of Vermillion
    The grant will help enhance a community park with the purchase of a cornhole game, renovations to the horseshoe pit and the installation of ADA-accessible sidewalks. (2018)
  • Yankton: City of Yankton Department of Parks and Recreation
    This grant will improve Yankton by providing a vibrant new public space for parents to engage their children to learn in new, interactive ways by purchasing and installing signs, benches and interactive graphics in Westside Park. (2020)
  • Athens: Habitat for Humanity of McMinn County
    This grant will improve McMinn County by enriching the life of a local 50-plus family who is currently living in sub-standard conditions by providing housing, as well as training and resources, for the homeowners. (2019)
  • Clarksville: Mental Health America of the MidSouth
    Funding will be used to expand the successful Dementia-Friendly Churches Project, which supports the needs of older adults and their caregivers by training church staff, volunteers, and others about the effects of dementia and how to help those affected. (2020)
  • Clarksville: City of Clarksville
    The grant will increase pedestrian activity by providing Clarksville's citizens and visitors wayfinding signs near underutilized parking lots and structures less central to the downtown area. (2019)
  • Clarksville: Montgomery County 
    A community garden will be created at the Wade Bourne Nature Center. (2022)
  • Crossville: Cumberland County 
    An Obed River Park shelter will be transformed into an outdoor classroom. Among other uses, Cumberland County Soil Conservation District will hold classes there on plant and pollinator identification and monarch butterfly gardening. (2022)
  • Jackson: City of Jackson
    This grant will improve the city’s transportation accessibility and communications by securing a smartphone app and transit routers for each bus.(2020)
  • Jackson: City of Jackson
    Two “blessing boxes” — stand-alone refrigerators in wooden frames — will be positioned outside a local church and a substance-abuse facility. They will initially be stocked by the city, later by donations. (2022)
  • Knoxville: Family Promise of Knoxville
    A community space will be revitalized with new lighting, fans, and more secure doors to better serve the area's residents. (2021)
  • Memphis: The Works, Inc.
    This grant will improve South Memphis and its Soulsville neighborhood by simultaneously beautifying the street and improving cyclist and pedestrian safety. A site-specific artistic crosswalk will help foster a sense of civic pride for neighborhood residents. (2019)
  • Memphis: City of Memphis Parks and Neighborhoods
    The grant will be used to promote physical activity and overall accessibility to the Josephine K. Lewis Senior Center by repairing 1,500-square-feet of sidewalk, installing six wayfinding and health information signs and a rest area along the nearby Walk-'n-Wheel trail. Video (2018)
  • Memphis: Knowledge Quest
    The “Green Leaf Agritourism Masterplan” project will increase opportunities for the social and urban renewal of South Memphis by installing hydroponic infrastructure equipment. (2021)
  • Memphis: For the Kingdom
    The Exodus Marketplace will be created and subsequently host a monthly farmers market, a book club and more. (2022)
  • Nashville: Nashville Civic Design Center
    Two community engagement and public space projects were implemented in several neighborhoods to help improve quality of life, walkability, health and safety. Video (2017)
  • Nashville: Urban Housing Solutions
    This project will improve the Mercury Courts community by enhancing common amenities and reduce social isolation by providing space for older residents to gather and build relationships. It will also foster engagement in visioning and design for future redevelopment. (2019)
  • Nashville: Rebuilding Together Nashville
    Revitalization projects at several community spaces in the Bordeaux neighborhood will help improve neighborhood pride, enhance community services and build local networks. (2021)
  • Nashville: Neighbor 2 Neighbor 
    Leadership skills will be cultivated among people 50 or older at a series of “lunch and learn” events, helping them become more actively engaged in their neighborhoods. (2022)
  • Allen: City of Allen
    This project will enable the purchase of four eWheels EW-29 Electric Tricycles to provide new, innovative programming at a community center designed to promote physical outdoor activity. (2019)
  • Austin: Walk Austin
    This grant will allow residents to use neighborhood streets for walking, bicycling safely, and other crucial activities during COVID-19 by ensuring that Austin’s Healthy Streets program is fully implemented and integrates the needs of vulnerable residents. Photo Album (2020)
  • Brownsville: City of Brownsville
    This project will transform and activate Brownsville's 14th Street Plaza by installing wayfinding, adding creative placemaking elements that support local artists, providing seating options for people of all ages, and adding landscaping elements. Photo Album (2019)
  • Dallas: buildingcommunityWORKSHOP
    The grant will enable the installation of enhancements to public walkways, such as increased pedestrian accessibility for people with mobility impairments. (2018)
  • Dallas: Bike Friendly South Dallas
    This grant will expand the reach of the “Hub and Spoke” program by installing bike repair stations and conducting outreach to delivering programming to area residents. (2020)
  • El Paso: Eco El Paso
    To promote safe recreational spaces and increase opportunities for physical activity, improvements will be made to the Thomas Manor neighborhood, including installing shade trees, benches, and wayfinding and educational signage along the Playa Drain Trail. (2020)
  • Fort Worth: Lancaster District Historic, Inc. 
    Tripping hazards will be eliminated in the Al Hayne Memorial Park. (2022)
  • Houston: City of Houston Planning and Development Department
    This grant will support the creation of a Transportation Demonstration Toolkit to demonstrate, in real-life, the benefits that come with traffic/mobility solutions such as bike lanes, crosswalks and speed cushions. Video (2020)
  • Houston: Avenue CDC 
    The grant was used to create public art, murals and an event designed to bring the community together. By improving once off-putting public spaces, the project increased walkability and reduced barriers to healthy foods and activities. (2017)
  • Houston: Greater Northside Management District
    Signage will be installed in five communities to improve pedestrian connections to businesses, increase safety and enhance neighborhood identity. (2021)
  • Houston: Houston Land Bank
    The installation of lights, raised garden beds, and an accessible pathway at a community garden will better enable the space to be used for community events and educational workshops. (2021)
  • Houston: My Connect Community 
    Funding will be used to convert underutilized street-side lots into a people-friendly green spaces by adding shade trees and structures, seating, landscaping and a mural. (2021)
  • Houston: North Houston Management District
    As one of Houston’s first augmented reality (AR) installations, a new mural will help make the Aldine Branch Library a more engaging destination. (2021)

  • Middle Rio Grande Region: Southwest Area Regional Transit District  
    Training in how to become mobile and independent will be offered to older adults and disabled people. (2022)
  • Presidio: Presidio Municipal Development Distric 
    Barbecue grills, ADA-compliant picnic tables and park benches, exercise equipment, and outdoor musical instruments will be installed at Daly Park. (2022)
  • Richardson: City of Richardson
    This project will help improve and enhance the connectivity, mobility, and safety of Richardson residents, workers, and older adults who rely on public transit. Specifically, this project will showcase short-term alterations to improve a key corridor that currently serves as a barrier to pedestrians and lacks on-street bicycle infrastructure. (2019)
  • San Antonio: City of San Antonio — World Heritage Office
    Funds will be used to enhance connectivity to public art along the World Heritage Trail, where residents of all ages can enjoy a newly activated space with benches, sidewalks and lighting that is vibrant, safe, and encourages health and wellness. (2020)
  • San Antonio: Alamo Colleges Foundation
    Exercise equipment will be installed along a walking trail at Palomino Park. There will also be free on-site and online fitness activities. (2022)
  • Cedar City: Iron County Tourism Bureau
    This project serves as a catalyst for better connectivity and walkability along three blocks of Cedar City's University Boulevard through pedestrian safety enhancements, wayfinding signage, open space amenities, bus shelter and public art. (2019)
  • Cedar City: Cedar City Corporation
    Bus shelters, benches and bike racks will be installed downtown and picnic tables will be installed at the farmers market. (2022)
  • Ephraim: Ephraim City
    Outdoor games and recreation features will be installed at a local park frequented by older adults and families. (2021)
  • Grand County: Youth Garden Project 
    Funds will allow the Youth Garden Project to purchase 25 kneepads to aid it 250 volunteers. (2022)
  • Green River: Epicenter
    This grant will demonstrate and encourage new housing options for low-to-moderate-income older adults by constructing a model "Frontier House." This model will be developed with input from older adults and include a focus on accessibility and low maintenance that will help residents age in place in their community. (2019)
  • Green River: Epicenter
    An age-friendly green space with accessible trails, seating and shade will be installed at Canal Commons, a housing development for people with limited incomes.. (2021)
  • Helper: Helper City
    Signage and audio narrations about the solar system will be installed along a popular riverside walkway. (2021)
  • Logan: Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection
    This project will foster inter-generational and inter-racial friendships among residents by creating a "Neighbor Program" that will partner refugee/immigrant families with families that are native to the area and provide them with fun activities and events. (2020)
  • Salt Lake City: Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services 
    The Transit Together Grocery Project taught residents of two low-income, older-adult communities how to use public transit to get to a grocery store and other destinations. [WWL] (2017)
  • Salt Lake City: Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services
    The grant will initiate the creation of a community garden at the Taylorsville Senior Center by installing four raised-bed planters and purchasing gardening equipment that can be easily used by older adults. (2018)
  • Salt Lake City: Seven Canyons Trust 
    The funding was used to build support for the completion of a hiking trail between Provo and Ogden. A community event kicked off with a design workshop, familyfriendly fun and a walking tour of the proposed Folsom Trail. [WWL] Photo Album and Article (2017)
  • Salt Lake County: University of Utah Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic
    In order to improve social connection among residents of assisted living and nursing home facilities during the COVID-19 crisis, this project will pilot "Conversation Cafes" that will provide a weekly virtual gathering place for residents and their families. It will also provide for the installation of high-speed internet where none exists, installation of Wi-Fi boosters where there are weak or intermittent signals, and platform-specific training for staff. (2020)
  • Salt Lake City: Sweet Streets Salt Lake | HEAL Utah
    A campaign to promote safe, inclusive and accessible streets in the state's capital city will work with community organizations that represent people of color, older adults, children and people with disabilities in order to best meet the needs of residents. (2021)
  • Salt Lake City: Glendale Neighborhood Council
    A transportation committee will be established within the Glendale Neighborhood Council to plot a course on issues related to transportation in Glendale and more. (2022)
  • Southern Utah Navajo Reservation: Adopt-A-Native-Elder
    This grant will help ensure Navajo elders can age in place while honoring their traditional lifestyle by providing a food certificate program and supply deliveries that include vital medical supplies and firewood. (2020)
  • Bennington: Town of Bennington, Office of Community Development
    This project will revitalize a park in Bennington in a densely populated residential area as an outdoor recreation destination and community gathering place that reaches across generations. Video (2019)

  • Bethel: Town of Bethel Recreation Department
    The grant will enable the construction of a pathway connecting a school to recreational trails, enabling residents to more easily access outdoor social and physical activities. (2018)
  • Brattleboro: Downtown Brattleboro Alliance
    This grant will increase the safety and accessibility of a public parking garage that serves several vital needs to the community and includes the installation of signage, a kinetic sculpture and pop-up art events. (2020)
  • Burlington: University of Vermont
    To elevate the issues of livable communities and their role in the coronavirus crisis recovery, a Community News Service will be created. The service will include a professional editor who will work to place stories with understaffed community newspapers. (2020)
  • Greensboro: Greensboro Nursing Home
    A nature trail will be built, and a deck will be added to the town’s pond. (2022)
  • Hinesburg: Cathedral Square
    A flashing beacon light will be installed at a village center crosswalk near Kelley’s Field, an affordable housing community for older adults. (2022)
  • Hyde Park: Village of Hyde Park 
    ADA-accessible picnic tables, surfaces and curb ramps were installed in French Park. (2017)
  • Middlebury: Find Your Wings
    Temporary art installations will be added to the city's downtown district to help beautify and revitalize the area and local economy. (2021)
  • Montpelier: City of Montpelier 
    AARP grant funds supported the development of a downtown area through the installation of tables, plants, lighting, bicycle racks and more. (2017)
  • Montpelier: City of Montpelier — Parks and Trees Department
    A pop-up produce stand will be created to distribute affordable food from the city’s farm. It will also transform the front of the older-adult center into a weekly outdoor gathering space. (2022)
  • Newport: City of Newport
    When complete, this project will help join three segments of land to form a seven-mile waterfront recreational corridor for Newport including trails and a much-needed bridge. (2019)
  • North Hero: North Hero Public Library
    A “word garden” with words etched into rocks will be installed and will complement raised-bed gardens already in place. (2022)
  • Randolph: Sunrise Rotary Club of Randolph
    The grant will provide for the installation of outdoor musical instruments, benches and signage at the town's playground and recreation field, further activating the public space and encouraging people of all ages to express themselves and connect. (2020)
  • St. Johnsbury and Newport: Vermont Community Garden Network
    This project will provide the expertise and supplies needed to plan, plant and preserve food grown in community gardens at two rural, affordable housing locations. (2021)
  • Swanton: Village of Swanton
    The grant will help create a demonstration project of traffic calming features, including an island of raised flower beds, the installation of trees and shrubs, and the renovation of a crosswalk. (2018)
  • Washing, Orange and Lamoille Counties: Central Vermont Council on Aging
    This grant will fund an initiative to help adults age 60+ combat social isolation during coronavirus pandemic by providing homebound residents with monthly creative art kits and volunteer companions. The initiative will culminate with a digital art show featuring the creative work by participants and volunteers. (2020)
  • Washington County — Mad River Valley: Yestermorrow Design Build School
    "The Snail," an iconic but discontinued bus stop structure will be restored and moved to a more strategic transit location that will create a safe and unique structure for people of all ages to utilize. (2020)
  • West Rutland: Town of West Rutland
    The grant will allow for the creation of a pedestrian walkway to the West Rutland Recreation Area, providing access to the Clarendon River and forest for all residents. (2018)
  • Wolcott: Town of Wolcott
    A new park located near the public library, town offices and a trailhead will connect the spaces and feature a community garden, a Wi-Fi hot spot, games, seating and tables. (2021)
  • Worcester and Elmore: Vermont River Conservancy
    An river trail will be enhanced by the installation of wayfinding signs, trail maps, benches, and accessible paths and restrooms. (2021)
  • Frederiksted: The St. Croix Orchid Society, Inc
    Damage to the historic Orchid House at the Garden will be repaired. That will include replacing the ridgepole and rafters, shade cloth, and grillwork on the front of the building. There will also be irrigation system updates. (2022)
  • St. Croix: Virgin Island Trail Alliance, Inc.
    Work done for this project will create miles of walking and hiking trails by clearing paths of hurricane damage, installing signs and maps, and improving the seating and  parking options near the trails. (2021)
  • St. Thomas: VI Council on the Arts
    This grant will expand a successful mural art initiative to more areas of town and activate senior/elder artists as a pilot for the expansion that will contribute to the successful aging of participants. (2020)
  • Bedford: Town of Bedford
    This project will add benches, bike racks, signage and trash cans along three walk and bike loops, integrating public art into benches and bike racks. The entire project will be done while capturing public input. (2019)
  • Chesapeake: Healthy Chesapeake 
    Various equipment and features, including raised-bed boxes, planter benches, a modular trellis system, an outdoor sink and a rain barrel, will complete a community garden in a low-income neighborhood. (2022)
  • Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock Counties: Rappahannock Rapidan Regional Commission-Regional Transportation Collaborative
    Funds will be used for the “Trusted Community Partner” campaign, a community awareness and trust-building effort to help older adults and individuals with disabilities feel more comfortable about using the area's transportation options. (2021)
  • Fairfax County: CFH, Inc
    This grant will deliver a “telehealth kit” containing a wrist-based blood pressure unit, digital thermometer, and instructions (in the appropriate language) to ensure that individuals living in independent senior housing are able to remain connected with their health care providers. (2020)
  • Farmville: Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity
    The funding supported a mobile repair trailer for storing and transporting tools used to make safety improvements in homes that, in many cases, have been in families for generations and are in need of significant repair. [WWL] Video (2017)
  • Gloucester: Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic 
    A food pantry and vegetable garden will be created at the clinic, affording patients better access to healthy foods. (2022)
  • Grayson County Courthouse: Grayson County VA Government
    To ensure rural residents have access to reliable information during the COVID-19 pandemic, this grant will enhance and continue the operation of a volunteer-operated Help Line that was recently created. (2020)
  • Powhatan County: Habitat for Humanity Powhatan
    Four design charrettes (or workshops) will be hosted to discuss the ways an abandoned, historic school building can be reimagined and renovated as housing. (2021)
  • Richmond: Sports Backers
    This project will install murals and corner improvements at two intersections to slow traffic and improve walkability and bikeability to key community assets. (2020)
  • Richmond: Greater Richmond Age Wave Coalition
    The grant will provide for the installation of 50 self-watering garden boxes at the Green Park and Highland Park apartments as well as for intergenerational gardening programs. (2018)
  • Richmond: Storefront for Community Design
    Much-needed pedestrian amenities, including benches and directional signage, will be provided through this grant for walking loops on the south side of Richmond that connects low- to moderate-income residents to the neighborhood grocery and downtown. (2019)
  • Richmond: Venture Richmond
    A custom-designed parklet will provide a neighborhood desperately in need of public gathering spaces with an attractive, safe and shaded destination. (2021)
  • Richmond: Union Presbyterian Seminary 
    Picnic tables, benches and signage, plus improvements in the trail system, will be added to an urban eco-park. (2022)
  • Warrenton: Town of Warrenton
    This grant will enhance a beloved neighborhood park and gateway into the City's Old Town by creating a contemplative garden for all ages that incorporates residents into the design process and historical interpretive elements into the space. (2020)
  • Woodbridge: Keep Prince William Beautiful
    The grant will allow for the construction of an aesthetically-pleasing vegetable gardening area on the grounds of a senior center. The produce will be used to support the local Meals on Wheels program. (2018)
  • Bainbridge Island: Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center 
    This will test the value of a collaborative transportation web, blending volunteer and contracted drivers, to create an effective system for older adults and the community at large. (2022)
  • College Place: City of College Place
    Free, high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots will be installed in four key locations to provide internet access to people who lack reliable internet services at home. (2021)
  • Cosmopolis: Friends of Highland Park and Parks of Cosmopolis
    An underutilized park will be upgraded with ADA-compliant benches, a covered area, ramps, picnic tables and more. (2022)
  • Cusick: Kalispel Tribe of Indians 
    Artwork by community members will grace 10 utility-box covers and honor the Kalispel Tribe’s history and culture. (2022)
  • King County: International Community Health Services
    To help community members overcome technological barriers during the pandemic, culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach materials will be created to help patients learn how to stay connected to their health care team through patient portals, telehealth, and virtual classes. (2020)
  • Quilcene: Count Me In for Quilcene 
    A trail linking the town’s natural wonders, activity centers and businesses will be built, featuring kiosks honoring local artworks and Quilcene’s history in photos and stories. (2022)
  • Renton: City of Renton
    A pop-up event celebrated National PARK(ing) Day by transforming a parking spot into a temporary public gathering space. [WWL] (2017)
  • Seattle: City of Seattle 
    A hackathon called A City for All was held to coincide with the National Day for Civic Hacking. The event helped participants learn about age-friendly initiatives and related issues. [WWL] Video (2017)
  • Seattle: Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
    The grant will support traffic calming measures through the installation of planter boxes, artistic crosswalks, wayfinding signs and other placemaking amenities chosen by community members during outreach efforts at neighborhood potluck dinners. (2018)
  • Seattle: Pike Market Food Bank
    This project will help spruce up the Pike Market Food Bank with directional signage making it easier for individuals with disabilities and hundreds of low-income and senior residents to access the space. (2019)
  • Seattle: Pike Place Market Foundation
    This bountiful volunteer-run space that provides produce to the Pike Market Food Bank will be upgraded to increase its capacity for production and made more accessible for all. Photo Album (2019) 
  • Seattle: Rebuilding Together Seattle
    This grant will fund three key projects that will improve the Southeast Seattle Senior Center's visibility, increase ADA-compliant parking, and engage and connect a diverse range of community members. (2019)
  • Seattle: Sound Generations
    Sound Generations will partner with Hopelink on educational efforts to help those in need understand and access a variety of transportation options, which will increase independence and mobility leading to enhanced social engagement. (2019)
  • Snohomish: The Friends of the Snohomish Library 
    Funding will support the Snohomish Library Story Trail, an installation of 22 "stations" — each holding pages from a children's picture book — placed along the Centennial Trail. (2021)
  • Spokane: Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners
    Signage, placards, and other related equipment will be installed to enhance public safety for a Volunteer Driver Program that provides transport for vulnerable populations. (2020)
  • Tacoma: Food is Free Project Washington | Food is Free Tacoma
    Food Independence Gardens (FIGs) will be created and installed at locations throughout the community to decrease food insecurity, provide fresh food in food deserts and help build community connections. (2021)
  • Thurston County: Garden Raised Bounty
    To increase food security, wellbeing, and long-term resiliency during the COVID-19 crisis, gardens will be installed in neighborhoods for households at risk of food insecurity. (2020)
  • Buckhannon: Upshur County Public Library
    This project will create a small parklet at the library to provide an appealing public green space that can be used and enjoyed by library patrons and community residents. (2021)
  • Charleston: City of Charleston
    The grant will help make the East End Community Park more inviting and appealing for all ages by adding a splash pad, playground stuctures, suitable lighting and greenery. (2019)
  • Charleston: City of Charleston
    To ensure an existing dog park is usable for residents of all ages, seating, shade amenities and separate play areas for different dog sizes will be installed. (2020)
  • Durbin: Town of Durbin 
    Dim orange streetlights will be replaced by attractive, bright-white ones and sidewalks will be repaired and new ones installed alongside a busy highway. (2022)
  • Grafton: City of Grafton 
    An unofficial walking trail will be enhanced with additional benches and directional signage to make it safer and more accessible. (2022)
  • Hamlin: Lincoln County Friends of the Arts
    The grant will help improve transportation mobility by funding the creation of artistic crosswalks in areas served by the regional bus service. (2018)
  • Hinton: Summers County Huddle
    The creation of a community green space will include a playground for children and a community garden accessible to all residents. (2021)
  • Kingwood: Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission
    Trailhead Park will be improved and made more accessible through this grant with directional signage, a picnic table, bike rack and bench.  In addition, the grant will help fund several pilot programming activites to increase social engagement for all residents. (2019)
  • Morgantown: City of Morgantown
    The grant will be used to enhance public spaces by purchasing and placing benches throughout the historic district so people can sit, relax and socialize. (2018)
  • Parkersburg: Downtown PKB, Inc.
    Two building walls will be used for a public mural to be created during “painting parties” attended by interested community members. (2021)
  • Ronceverte: Main Street Ronceverte
    To assist the city's aging population and provide an outdoor communal space for social distancing measures, a pocket park will be created that includes a shade canopy, accessible tables and benches, raised flower beds, and safe walkways. (2020)
  • Sutton: Sutton Community Development Corporation
    To connect popular gathering spots, locations near the community garden and farmers market will receive upgrades including accessible seating, picnic tables, artistic crosswalks, lighting and shade canopies. (2021)
  • Wellsburg: Wellsburg Lions Club
    Pickleball is king in Wellsburg, where two new courts will be resurfaced, all courts will be enclosed in a new fence, paddle racks will be installed and a bulletin board to post tournament results will be hung. (2022)
  • Wellsburg: Wellsburg Urban Renewal Authority 
    Town Square will be revitalized by leveling brick pavers, plus the addition of tables, chair, umbrellas and trash cans and the addition of murals on the walls and colorful paint on area crosswalks. (2022)
  • Appleton: Creative Downtown Appleton, Inc.
    A new parklet equipped with solar lights, art, a bike rack and a hand sanitizer station will provide accessible public seating on College Avenue. (2021)
  • Ashland: City of Ashland
    The grant will fund the purchase and installation of Bike Fixation stations throughout the 11-mile Ashland Rails-to-Trails network ensuring that all cyclists, regardless of income, age and ability, can access the tools necessary for bicycle upkeep. (2018)
  • Ashland: City of Ashland
    Victorian-style wooden benches will be decorated by local artists and installed in the city's downtown. (2021)
  • Bayfield: Friends of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands, Inc.
    This project will help residents, especially those with reduced and limited physical abilities, to access and enjoy nature by installing a wheelchair accessible walkway in the North Pikes Creek Wetlands. (2019)
  • Beaver Dam: City of Beaver Dam
    To help residents engage and enjoy their community, grant funds will be used to improve the Mural Walking Tour by adding benches along the trail that showcases 17 murals of memorable images of historic significance. (2019)
  • Chilton: Chilton Public Library
    A StoryWalk® is a fun, educational activity through which the pages of a children's book are posted along a popular walking route. Grant funds will be used to install bilingual stories at walkable locations around the community. (2021)
  • Cuba City: City of Cuba City
    As part of the city's plan to create a community gathering place for residents of all ages, this project will further enhance an existing Plaza with the installation of games, benches, planters, regular entertainment, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a new green space. (2020)
  • Ellsworth: Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce
    Utilizing tactical urbanism techniques, Ellsworth will use this grant to engage the community in revitalizing the East End corridor through a "then & now & future" walking tour and opportunities to create a charming, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood for all to enjoy. (2019)
  • Green Bay: The Farmory
    The installation of an indoor aquaponics system will allow for the growth and harvesting of fresh food year round. (2021)
  • La Crosse: La Crosse Area Family YMCA
    The grant will support the creation and installation of colorful benches at the YMCA Community Food Forest. (2018)
  • La Crosse: City of La Crosse Planning Department
    Volunteers will participate in walking tours to assess accessibility and make location recommendations for the installation of ramps. (2021)
  • La Crosse: La Crosse Public Library 
    Library patrons will now have the opportunity to check out home improvement and gardening tools. (2022)
  • Madison: City of Madison
    An underused path between a community school and park will be remodeled into a welcoming gateway with solar lighting, native plants, wayfinding signage and accessible seating. (2021)
  • Milwaukee: Wisconsin Bike Federation 
    Grant money was used to create a traffic calming demonstration kit and host a workshop in which older residents identified the types of infrastructure features they wanted to see where they lived. (2017)
  • Milwaukee: City of Milwaukee — MKE Parks
    An existing reconstructed neighborhood park will be enhanced to bridge the generational gap by installing tables with built-in game boards, seating areas, a neighborhood information kiosk, and a space for socializing. (2020)
  • Milwaukee: Historic King Drive Business Improvement District #8
    To restore a city-owned park to its original purpose of increasing opportunities for cross-generational social interactions at a safe outdoor public gathering space, this project will install a new stage with shell cover, solar bollard lighting, and ADA compliant seating. (2020)
  • Milwaukee: Milwaukee Turners 
    Walking tours will be conducted for older adults in three neighborhoods, culminating in cooking demonstrations using ingredients found in those neighborhoods, with the goal of encouraging healthy movement and eating. (2022)
  • Oconomowoc: City of Oconomowoc 
    The AARP grant helped turn an underutilized alley into a corridor connecting the main street with a nearby lake. [WWL] (2017)
  • Sheboygan: City of Sheboygan
    The grant will fund the purchase and installation of Bike Fixation Stations in the city's most heavily-cycled areas. (2018)
  • Sheboygan: City of Sheboygan
    This project will enhance the city of Sheboygan's downtown historical walking tour of nearly 100 historic structures and events with signage, an online app and paper maps for non-computer/smartphone users. (2019)
  • Spooner: Wild Rivers Habitat for Humanity
    This project will create a tool lending library to allow homeowners with limited resources, especially those aged 50 plus, to maintain their homes. (2020)
  • Viroqua: McIntosh Memorial Library 
    A portion of the library will be turned into an aviary and classes on bird-watching will be conducted there and at other sites, including Side Hollow Park. (2022)
  • Casper: Casper Legion
    A memorial is being created that will include the names of every Wyoming citizen who died defending freedom since the area became a state. (2022)
  • Cheyenne: Children’s Museum of Cheyenne 
    Five ADA-compliant benches will be installed for pedestrians and bicyclists on the Greater Cheyenne Greenway. (2022)
  • Cheyenne: Veterans’ Rock 
    Diverse forms of transportation will be supplied to all veterans and their families. (2022)
  • Cokeville: Cokeville Senior Citizens Center
    This grant will improve the walkability and accessibility to a Senior Center and Public Park with ADA accessible walkways, ramps, and public restrooms. (2020)
  • Jackson: Jackson Hole Land Trust
    As part of their activation plan for a green space in historic Downtown Jackson, age-friendly benches designed and constructed by local artists will be installed to provide a space for all members of the community to rest and enjoy. (2020)
  • Jackson: Senior Center of Jackson Hole 
    A trash-strewn bus stop was cleaned up and then made more appealing and usable by the addition of landscaping, a bench and bus information signage. [WWL] Photo Album (2017)
  • Jackson: Town of Jackson
    The historic Town Square will be improved by involving the community in the design of an improved public space — including bike parking for adaptive cycles — on Center Street in downtown Jackson. (2019)
  • Laramie: Action Resources International: Feeding Laramie Valley
    The grant will fund a new fully-accessible community garden to increase access to healthy food, provide multi-generational learning opportunities, and support a culture of health for people living with mobility and disability challenges. (2018)
  • Rock Springs: Wyoming Rock Springs Renewal Fund
    The grant will fund a mural depicting the hard work and sacrifices of local miners and railroad workers. The artwork will contribute to a vibrant public space and foster respect for the community's history. Photo Album (2017)
  • Sheridan: North Main Association
    This project will help deliver on a vision of an ideal visit to the parks in Sheridan, including for the visually impaired and those with balance issues, by adding a gazebo, picnic tables and benches to area trails. (2019)
  • Wheatland: Town of Wheatland
    The installation of two pickleball courts will revitalize an underused park space. (2021)

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