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How to Use the Interactive AARP Livable Communities Map

Find replicable age-friendly and livability efforts from throughout the U.S.

The free, interactive AARP Livable Communities Map showcases communities enrolled in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities as well as local community-improving projects implemented by grantees of the annual AARP Community Challenge.

Visitors can use the customizable map to learn where and how AARP is helping communities nationwide become more livable and age-friendly, so people of all ages can thrive — and make where they live and want to remain a lifelong home.

  • Read the instructions and watch the video below — and keep both handy while visiting the map at

Video About the Livable Map

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Instructions for Using the Livable Map


1. Visit


2. Discover the communities and featured projects

  • Zoom and scroll through the map — or type a state or city name into the search box at the top of the page
  • Click on the community or grantee’s name to learn more


3. Filter the search results

In the map's menu (located along the left edge of the map's home page), toggle the filtering options on or off, depending on the information sought.


4. Explore the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities 

Membership in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities means that a community’s elected leadership has made a commitment to actively work with residents and local advocates to make their town, city, county or state more livable for people of all ages. 

  • Click on the community's name for information about its:
    • Enrollment date
    • Age-friendly initiative lead (e.g., a nonprofit organization or local government)
    • Age-friendly action plan
    • Progress report(s)
    • AARP Livability Index score

When available, the map provides links to related resources and news coverage (including content on this website,


5. Use topics of interest to explore the map

Go to the “Search by Keyword” box on the map’s menu.

  • Type in any livability-related topic that interests you, such as public transit, disaster preparedness, ridesharing, accessible housing or public art.

The map’s keyword search draws from age-friendly action plans, progress reports and project outcomes. For example, if a community discusses Complete Streets implementation in its action plan, a keyword search for “Complete Streets” will highlight that community. If a grantee’s project improved walkability, a search for “walkability” will find that grantee and others like it.


6. Learn about the AARP Community Challenge grantees

On the map's home page:

  • Click a community's locator icon (e.g., an arrow, circle or star) 
  • Or search for a community or grantee by name
  • Or select the "Grantees" box beneath "Show the AARP Community Challenge" 

The map provides information about the goals and key deliverables of AARP-funded projects as well as insights from each grantee about its project and the work's impact on the community. (AARP hopes the projects will inspire other communities, including future grantees, to replicate the work.)


7. See AARP Community Challenge projects

When AARP Community Challenge grantees complete their projects, they provide images to AARP.

  • Navigate to a grantee’s page to see its project photos and/or videos


8. Find more projects!

Look for the following prompts at the bottom of each grantee's page:

  • “See More Projects Like This One”
  • "Nearby AARP Community Challenge Projects”

Page published March 2024

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