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Open Up Your Home’s Entryway

Property Brothers talk about creating a welcoming entrance


Jonathan Scott: We're Drew and Jonathan Scott from  Property Brothers.

[Jonathan Scott, Property Brother; Drew Scott, Property Brother]

And we have also brought in our property parents, Joanne, Jim, they're the experts.

[Joanna Scott, Mom; Jim Scott, Dad]

They're going to stand in for you guys.

We want to show you a few things you can do around the house to make it your forever home.

[Property Brothers (And Their Mom and Dad) Design Your Forever Home]


Drew Scott: Is there anything missing that you think this front entry should have?

Jim Scott: More light.

Drew Scott: Actually, that's a great point.

You want to make sure your house is well-lit.

One, that's a safety thing.

But also, two, just for function.

We would definitely put recessed lighting throughout.

[Lighting is important for safety and can make a space feel larger.]

It's very easy to run recessed lighting.

It does need more lights.

Joanne Scott: More lights.

Drew Scott: Just tell me if you can think of anything else.

Jim Scott: Oh, no bench to sit on.

Joanne Scott: Yes, some place where we can sit down and put our shoes on.

Drew Scott: Exactly, function is so important.

[An entryway chair or bench is an inviting and useful addition.]

I mean, I sit down to tie my shoes.

So you need to have function.

And also, on top of that, it should have a nice runner in here.

[Add a rubber-backed runner rug to prevent slips.]

Joanne Scott: Yes.

Drew Scott: Tile can get slippery, and that's a really bad thing.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us.

I hope we've inspired you to make your house your forever home.

En español | The foyer gives people the first impression inside your home, so make it welcoming, useful and safe. Clear out clutter and tripping hazards, install clean overhead lighting, and add a bench or chair for putting on shoes. A place to sit by the entryway “can even be a little romantic,” says Jonathan Scott. “I can see Dad up there, spouting his Shakespeare or poetry to Mom while she’s over in the living space.” Adds Drew Scott: “That’s right. And I can imagine mom saying, ‘Romeo, Romeo, watch your step!’ ”

Getting in and out of the house without a hitch is a key element to universal design. No matter what mobility issues you or guests may have, it’s important to make access as effortless as possible. Consider eliminating steps, ledges or steep walkways. A wooden ramp with a gradual slope is a good option for wheelchairs and smoother walking. Automatic door openers/closers and a wide doorway — at least 36 inches, if possible — make entrances and exits a breeze.

“Always think ahead,” even in “invisible” areas such as a foyer, Drew says. “You’re going to be in this house for many years. You don’t want to move or do another renovation down the road. Make every area in your house functional.”

Jonathan and Drew Scott with their parents sitting around a table

Cody Pickens

Jonathan (left) and Drew Scott with their parents, Joanne and Jim.

Forever Home Bonus Tips

More ways to make Jim and Joanne’s home safe, efficient and comfy for the years ahead

Ignite Your Passions: Turn a little-used guest room into a hobby center, fitness room, grandkid playroom or home theater.

Go All Access: Barriers be gone! Use low-effort lever door handles instead of knobs. Carpet stairs, and leave enough doorway clearance for wheelchairs, strollers and your future hoverboard.

Lighten Up: Good lighting means a safer home. Touch-control lamps and light timers make handling your lighting easy. Use energy-efficient and long-lasting LED light bulbs to keep walkways brightly lit.

Winter in Style: Electric fireplace units nowadays are very easy to install and can look like
a gas or wood fireplace.

Hear! Hear!: Wireless speaker systems are fantastic for music or TV surround sound.

Maintain, maintain: Staying on top of routine maintenance can keep you safe, extend the life of your appliances and even lower your utility bills. To find helpful home-maintenance hints,
download our tool kit today at

Ideas for Creating Your Forever Home