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5 Tips to Becoming a Faster Walker

Simple tricks to pick up your pace

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There are simple steps that you can take to speed up your next stroll.

Whether you want to amp up your workout routine or simply be able to keep up with fast-walking friends and family, here are five ways to speed up your steps: 

1. Shorter strides

A common misconception is that if you want to walk faster, you should take longer strides. However, it actually slows you down. This is because your front foot lands in an outstretched position, which can act like a brake. Instead, try taking short, quick strides. 

2. Push off your toes

Push off of the toes of your back foot, which generates a boost for your next step.

3. Maintain good posture

As your mother always told you: Don't slouch. Keep your body straight and your head up with your eyes on the horizon to help quicken your pace. 

4. Bend your arms

Keep your arms bent and swing them front to back in a quick and compact motion to increase momentum. Shoulders should be relaxed and down.

5. Squeeze and engage

Squeeze your glutes and engage your core to strengthen your muscles.

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