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Get Happier and Healthier Now

Resources to help you reset after a challenging year

How To Succeed at Weight Loss After Age 50

Tactics for mastering your metabolism and shaving off those extra pounds


How to Make Healthy Habits Stick

Train your mind and the rest will follow


How to Take Your Fitness Routine Up a Notch

3 things to try to get more out of your workout

How Tasty and Healthy Are Top Meal Kits?

A nutritionist tries out four popular brands

A Do-It-Yourself Massage Plan for Head-to-Toe Tension Relief

An expert trainer gives you 6 ways to 'roll away pain'

Exercising to Lose Weight?

Make weights, intervals and timers part of your plan

Your Week 1 Weight-Loss Plan

Here's how experts suggest you kick off your efforts

7 Worst Habits for Your Brain

How to avoid everyday missteps that harm cognition

3 Summer Grilling Menus

Tasty, healthy recipes from chef Devin Alexander

Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries

Here's what experts recommend to keep pain away

Yoga to Improve Hip Health

Protect yourself from pain with simple exercises


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