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Losing Weight ... and Becoming an Athlete

Older adults who dropped pounds — and reinvented their lives — with big fitness breakthroughs


5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy During the Pandemic

How to reduce the toll staying at home can have on your memory and cognition

Pandemic Habits Could Raise Your Breast Cancer Risk

Experts express concern about women drinking and eating more while exercising less

Author Deepak Chopra on Banishing Stress

The wellness guru shares ways to feel better now

Pandemic Planking Group Bolsters Friendships and Abs

Friends find a healthy way to connect during COVID

Snacking Strategies for People with Diabetes

Snacks that lower blood sugar or keep pounds off

Mental Health

How COVID-19 May Complicate Grief

Psychologists say grieving can be more intense, prolonged and disruptive during the pandemic

Your Guide to Getting Started With Meditation

Here are simple ways to quiet the mind during this time of high stress

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

Six adults describe the symptoms — and how they've learned to cope

7 Ways to Handle Anxiety During the Outbreak

Uncertainty and fear are major triggers. Here's how to cope

How to Bounce Back From the Stress of the Coronavirus

Crises that cause anxiety can harm your health or help you build resilience


Protect Your Health

How Much Do You Really Know About Food Poisoning?

Learn why older adults are at greater risk of foodborne illness in this challenging true-or-false quiz

The DNA Test That Tells You Your "Real" Age

What happens when you mail off your spit to learn your "biological age."

How to Wash Your Hands the Right Way

Research finds only 3 percent of Americans wash correctly. Do you?

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