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What to do When a Stroke Strikes

What you need to know about this killer condition

It can happen in a moment. You could be going about your normal day, but then…a blood vessel in your brain closes or ruptures. You’re having a stroke.

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But did you know that 80 percent of strokes are preventable and many stroke survivors show little or no long-term affects? Knowing about risk, recognition, prevention and treatment of stroke has saved countless lives…and it may just save yours.

The number one misconception is that there’s nothing you can do to prevent strokes, but doctors say there’s plenty you can do to reduce your risk, starting with knowing what the risk factors are. Recognizing the symptoms of a stroke and quickly taking the proper action are also vital factors that lead to a favorable outcome.  

Just ask the man in this story. Thanks to the recognition and quick action of friends and doctors, he was able to walk out of the hospital after having a major stroke in the right side of his brain. The timeliness of his arrival at the hospital allowed doctors to end the stroke and its damaging affects quickly before it caused any lasting damage to his brain. His life was spared, and now his example is acting as a model for others.