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Vision Changes With Age

How Your Eyes Change Over the Decades

Some vision issues are normal, others may signal serious problems

Diseases and Conditions

Ophthalmologist checking patient's eyes

What to Know About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

Understand the causes, symptoms and treatment of this vision blocker

Eye Drops for Dry Eye

Dry Eye: A Common Condition That Affects Millions

There are a range of treatments for this widespread age-related problem

Visiting the eye doctor for regular checkups can prevent trouble with your eyesight.

Catching Glaucoma Early Can Lower Risk of Vision Loss

A healthy lifestyle, including no smoking, can help save your eyes

Seeing Well

Sunflower Seeds and Eye Health

Try These 10 Superfoods for Better Eye Health

Protect your vision with these nutritious (and delicious) foods

Man holding contact

It's Never Too Late to Try Wearing Contacts

Tired of glasses? Today's contact lenses offer more scientific advances and better comfort 

Cool Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses Finally Get the Cool Factor

Check out the new wave of readers in lightweight, compact and stylish designs

Close-up of a woman's eyes with an illustration of the eyeball.

Science Offers New Hope for Aging Eyes

Vision problems might seem inevitable with age, but recent advances may lead to a clearer future

Aira Low Vision Assistance

High Tech Innovations for People With Low Vision

The latest apps, electronic readers and other tools that help people who can't see well

Portrait of smiling men holding squash rackets

Sports Glasses Help Amateur Athletes Guard Their Eyes

Think like a pro, wear protective eyewear when you are playing pickleball, basketball, tennis and more

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