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Care To Talk?: Ways to Spark Conversations When Caring for a Loved One

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  • Family edition: English
  • Edición para la familia: Spanish
  • Caregivers edition: English
  • Edición para cuidadores: Spanish
  • Parkinson’s Foundation Edition: English
  • Edición de la Fundación de Parkinson: Spanish

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Care To Talk? conversation cards (Family edition)

The role of a family caregiver is complex and challenging. Whether you’re caring for a parent, spouse, relative, close friend or neighbor, the number of tasks can sometimes feel overwhelming. To compound this, family caregivers often lack the skills to start or sustain vital conversations with those they care for because these discussions are often difficult and uncomfortable. That’s why AARP created Care To Talk?TM  conversation cards (Family edition) — a 52-card deck of discussion topics available in English and Spanish meant to spark meaningful dialogue between caregivers and care recipients and address important life issues and long-term healthcare plans.  

The Care To Talk? deck is divided into seven categories from fun to more challenging topics: favorites, memories, relationships, reflection, wishes, road map and legacy. Use the questions to deepen your understanding of each other as individuals and to talk about the future. Cards pose questions like: “Tell me about the most important steps you’ve taken to plan for the future. Is there more to do?”  Once the conversation is flowing, participants can ask each other their own questions. We encourage Care To Talk? users to record these conversations and to document any new insights, special stories, important or practical details.

Care To Talk? conversation cards (Caregivers edition)

The companion deck, Care To Talk?TM  conversation cards (Caregivers edition), also available in English and Spanish, is designed to help the caregiving “team” — spouses, family members, friends, neighbors — bond and develop a helpful dialogue with each other. The cards are also a great way to get to know and share issues with fellow caregivers outside of your immediate circle.

The deck is divided into three categories. It starts with fun questions to break the ice and get to know each other on a deeper level. Next, you can share how being a family caregiver has affected you in key areas of your life. The third set of questions focuses on ups and downs you’ve experienced as a caregiver. The cards can help team members express concerns about caregiving responsibilities with those who truly understand. 

Care To Talk? conversation cards (Parkinson’s Foundation edition)

AARP and the Parkinson’s Foundation have joined together to offer 12 ways for family caregivers, who care for someone with Parkinson’s, to spark conversations with each other. Taking care of those who need you is one of the most important roles you’ll play. Talking to people who really understand what you’re going through – other family caregivers – is important, too. It usually feels good and often helps in surprising ways.

This set of 12 cards has questions to help spark conversations about how being a family caregiver has affected you in key areas of your life and the ups and downs you’ve experienced. You can share how you feel about these moments with someone who understands. Beware – these cards have been known to spark meaty conversations.

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