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When It Comes to Cars, Orange Is the New Silver

The eye-popping color will be all over the roads this year

Beetle Cabriolet


At recent car shows, orange is crushing it.

Orange is everywhere. At least that’s the impression you get from recent car shows and auto trend news. While the most popular colors for cars and trucks remain silver, black and white, new models are popping up in a sunburst of different shades of orange.

The design team for the Honda Fit added orange to its color lineup to “highlight the sporty aspects of the Fit,” says Honda spokesman Chris Naughton. It replaced yellow as the color meant to attract car buyers.

So what makes orange such a standout show color this year?

Partly it's the sporty cars that use it — the Lamborghini and the Corvette, for example. And largely it's because orange just, well, looks cool.

Here's a look at some of the 2018 models you will see in shades of orange.

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