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PPI experts cover a wide range of issues from Social Security and Medicare to health reform, livable communities, consumer protection, long-term care, caregiving, financial security and more.


Susan Reinhard, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, Sr. Vice President for Public Policy, AARP


Areas of Expertise: Family caregiving, adult foster care/day care, care coordination, chronic care, health care delivery system reform, nursing, nursing education, quality of care, health care workforce issues, acute and long-term care integration, LTC case management and consumer direction, Medicaid, Medicare home health, home and community-based services, nursing home and LTC workforce issues.


Lina Walker, PhD, Vice President, Health Security


Areas of Expertise: Medicare and health care financing.


Leigh Purvis, MPA, Director, Health Services Research


Areas of Expertise: Prescription drug pricing, biologic drugs, and Medicare prescription drug coverage.


Elizabeth A. Carter, PhD, MPH, Senior Health Services Research Advisor


Areas of Expertise: Public health, primary care, preventive services, low-value medical care, and evidence-based medicine.


Olivia Dean, Policy Analyst


Areas of Expertise: Public health, nutrition, and health disparities.


Lynda Flowers, JD, MSN, RN, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor  


Areas of Expertise: Medicaid, dual eligibility, dual-eligible demonstrations, public health, prevention, health disparities, and health care quality.


Catherine W. Gillespie, MPH PhD, Senior Health Services Research Advisor


Areas of Expertise: Epidemiology, public health, health disparities, immunization, and obesity.


Harriet Komisar, PhD, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor


Areas of Expertise: Medicare, delivery and payment reform, long-term services and supports, and financing.


Keith D Lind, JD, MS, BSN, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor


Areas of Expertise: Medicare reform, Medicare coverage, Medicare payment, post-acute care, skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospice, rehabilitation therapy, durable medical equipment, chronic conditions, care coordination, transitional care, hospital readmission, appeals, fraud and abuse, comparative effectiveness, and cost containment.


Claire Noel-Miller, MPA, PhD, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor  


Areas of Expertise: Quantitative research applied to health policy issues affecting older adults, Medicare, and health care quality.


Patricia Polansky, RN, MS, Director, CCNA Program Development and Implementation


Areas of Expertise: Health care administration, executive leadership, interprofessional collaboration (health), primary care, home and community health care, aging issues and long-term care, and nursing education.


Winifred V. Quinn, PhD, Director, CCNA Advocacy and Consumer Affairs


Areas of Expertise: Stakeholder engagement and networking, coalition organizing, advocacy, state scope of practice policies, nursing workforce funding, and nursing workforce and diversity.



Jane Sung, JD, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor


Areas of Expertise: Private health insurance, health insurance market reforms, Medicare supplement insurance, and Medicare Advantage.

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