How Does Your Brain Score? Take the Staying Sharp Brain Health Assessment

Aging Well

The United States of Yoga

Tips, stories and videos for head-to-toe benefits

How to Undo the Damage From Your Youth

Here’s how to assess the damage in 8 key areas — and how to make a comeback

Your Membership

Today's Hot Deals

Living Longer

Sitting Too Much Can Age You — a Lot

But regular exercise could counteract the harmful effects

Move Over, Kale

Step aside, kale. There’s a new superfood in town — mushrooms

Staying Sharp: Brain Health Vitality

Staying Sharp facts to keep your brain happy

Finding Happiness

Fire Up Your Emotional Brain

Nurture yourself for a more positive life, including how to maintain relationships, keep busy, and more

Manage Your Time and Energy at Work

Time management tips to help balance your work schedule and come out on top and organized

Quiz: How Does Love Affect Your Body?

Smooching, hugging, nuzzling and, well, you know — all help you in unexpected ways

Spiritual Health

Online Religious and Spiritual Programs

The advent of online religious and spiritual offerings may be the answer to your prayers

How to Forgive — and Why You Should

Letting go of grudges is good for your body and your soul. Here's how to do it

The Paradox of Prayer: A Pilgrimage

Why do we keep gazing heavenward even when answers elude us?

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