Special Report: Why Medicare Matters Read Now


Brain Health

Jobs That Can Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s

How some roles help maintain cognition in spite of brain changes

With More Patients in ICU, Delirium Is a Growing Problem

There are ways family and hospital staff can help alleviate the risk

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Sticker Shock Ahead for Some Medicare Users

Pay attention to the trends in Medicare for next year, as they may cost you

From Obamacare to Medicare

Learn how and when you can transition from one system to the other — or even whether you should

Quiz: Medicare Open Enrollment

Test your knowledge so you can be better prepared

Health Insurance

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

Figure out which long-term care insurance option best meets your health care needs

States Simplify Process for Medicaid Sign-Ups

31 states have expanded eligibility for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act

Your Guide to the ACA

How the health care law benefits you and your family

Healthy Living

World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher's 4 Secrets to a Long Life

Why Tao Porchon-Lynch never says 'I can't'

Lifting Lighter Weights As Effective As Heavy Ones

Study finds it's not the pounds, but the reps that count

20 Cool Gadgets for the New Year

From health to entertainment, gadgets for the most hip 50+ ever.

Health Conditions

Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care?

A newspaper story hits a nerve with patients, doctors

10 Surprising Heart Attack Triggers

Beware of unexpected factors, from headaches to heartburn drugs

7 Tips for Coping With Hearing Loss on the Job

How offices can offer accommodations for boomers and others with hearing loss

Drugs and Supplements

New Guidelines on Who Should Take Statins

Everyone 40-plus should be screened to see if medication is needed

CDC Urges Older Adults to Get Flu Shot

Fewer got one last season; but there are new options available this year to consider

The Vitamin Quiz

Vitamins keep you healthy, but how much do you know about them?

Health Videos

Protecting Yourself From Zika

CDC Director Thomas Frieden discusses the virus, and the best way to stay safe

Living Life Fully – With Cancer

Actress Valerie Harper stands up to cancer by living life to the fullest; learn her invaluable secrets to joy

Something I Want You to Hear

Up to 40 percent of people age 50-plus have some hearing loss — and much of the time it is left untreated

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