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Orlando, Naples Top Rankings of Best Cities for Retirees

2 recent surveys look at the local advantages for older Americans

Orlando Top Retirement Cities

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150 U.S. cities were ranked on affordability, health care and activities for older adults.

We've seen plenty of lists on the best states for retirement, but two personal finance websites have opted to go local by picking the best cities for older Americans.

WalletHub ranked 150 U.S. cities on factors including affordability, health care and activities for older people. The website picked Orlando, Fla., as the best in the nation, based in part on its eighth-place finish in affordability and 14th place in activities. Other cities in WalletHub’s top 10 are Tampa, Fla.; Miami; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Atlanta; Salt Lake City; Honolulu; Denver; Austin, Texas; and Las Vegas.

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WalletHub also provided rankings on factors important to older Americans. Plano, Texas, for example, has the highest percentage of older people in its workforce, while Los Angeles offers the highest share of recreational and senior centers. Laredo, Texas, has the lowest cost for home health services.

In its rankings, SmartAsset focused on a narrower range of factors, such as the tax burden for retirees with an income of $35,000 from various sources. It also looked at the number of doctors’ offices and recreational and senior centers per 1,000 residents, as well as the percentage of older people in the local population.

Its top-ranked city is Naples, Fla., which also had the highest proportion of older residents on the list, at 50.9 percent.

Other cities in SmartAsset’s top 10 are Cummings, Ga.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Gig Harbor, Wash.; Media, Pa.; Wasilla, Alaska; Farmington, Mich.; Palmer, Ark.; New Port Richey, Fla.; and Orange Park, Fla.