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Amplify AAPI: The First AANHPI Focused Panel for Survey Research Co-Led by AARP and NORC

AARP and NORC are launching a pioneering data effort to develop the first Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI)-focused consumer probability panel of adults age 18+ for survey research.

This AANHPI panel, called Amplify AAPI, will provide the opportunity for:

  • High-quality, cost-efficient data collection.
  • Helping to address the critical issues of sample access and infrastructure.
  • Integrating into NORC’s larger AmeriSpeak® consumer panel to improve data quality for AANHPI samples in national research.

From 2022 to 2024, the development of the research panel will enable:

  • Fielding national probability samples of up to 3,000 AANHPIs per survey.
  • Fielding various AANHPI languages, including Chinese dialects, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • Multi-modal survey support.
  • Providing separate estimates of NHPI and the largest six Asian subgroups, minimally.

For more information on the initiative, go to If you have further questions, please contact Angela Houghton at

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