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The AARP Member Opinion Survey (MOS) is the largest single survey of AARP Members. It is conducted by AARP Research every few years and informs AARP about opinions, perceptions, and experiences of its members. Beginning back in 1994, the MOS collects data from thousands of AARP Members in order to gain better insight into what members care about most — their top concerns, life experiences, demographic characteristics, and much more.

With approximately 20,000 respondents, AARP can glean insights not only about the entire membership, but also among a wealth of subgroups and populations including age groups, diverse populations, and many other membership segments (income, gender, retirement status, etc.). A Tableau filtering tool is available to explore survey responses by these groups (see below).

On the links below and to the right, resources are available from summary infographics to segmented responses to each question. In addition to national data, the MOS provides reports for each state.

For more information, please contact John Hagerty at For media inquiries, contact External Relations at

Suggested citation:

Hagerty, John. 2021 AARP Member Opinion Survey. Washington, DC: AARP Research, May 2021.

Tableau Dashboard

The MOS dashboard enables you to filter data to explore survey responses from more than 20,000 respondents.