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AARP Online Dating Survey

AARP commissioned this survey to understand the reasons why adults 50 and older who are currently single and dating try or do not try an online dating site.

Key findings include:

The top 3 reasons why people over 50 try an online dating site are:

  1. They are able to meet a broader range of people (23%)
  2. There is no pressure.  They don’t have to reply or talk to people
    they don’t want to (20%)
  3. A friend recommended it (14%)

The top 3 purposes why people over 50 use an online dating site are:

  1. A serious relationship (48%)
  2. Friendship/Companionship (26%)
  3. Casual dating (14%)

The top 3 reasons why people over 50 never try an online dating site (other than currently dating someone) are:

  1. Online dating does not fit their lifestyle (18%)
  2. Heard too many negative stories about online dating (13%)
  3. Too risky to talk to strangers online (12%)

This online survey of 1,000 adults 50 and over who were single and either currently dating or interesting in dating was conducted by Research Now from October 22-26, 2012 using an e-rewards online panel. There was a split between AARP members and non-members. For more information, contact Patricia David at 202-434-6043.

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