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AARP Attitudes of Aging Study

A two-part study commissioned by AARP the Magazine.  Part one was comprised of a Research Day with two three hour sessions consisting of six simultaneous focus groups.  The Research Day's intent was to help direct the quantitative portion of the research by better understanding:

  • How adults age 45+ feel about aging
  • What defines age.  Is it the way one looks or the way one feels
  • The impact of the prejudices of aging (ageism)
  • The influence of society's opinions on their perception of aging
  • The impact of life events on their perception of aging
  • How social connectedness and technology impact their perceptions of aging

Part two was an online survey of 1800 respondents consisting of attitudinal questions to answer the question, 'What aging attitudes drive the overall satisfaction with life'?  Attitudinal questions centered around the following items that were uncovered in part one of the research:

  • Psychological growth and loss
  • Health and physical changes
  • Discrimination and prejudices
  • Physical appearance
  • Traditional and online social networks
  • Technology
  • Treatment from others

The survey conducted from December 17-20, 2012 by Research Now using e-rewards online panel among a total of 1,800 adults 40 and older. 

Please see the Feb/Mar 2014 issue of AARP the Magazine for an article highlighting the results of the study. For more information, contact Patty David at


Suggested Citation:

David, Patty, and G. Oscar Anderson. AARP Attitudes of Aging Study. Washington, DC: AARP Research, February 2014.

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