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Sibora Gjecovi

Senior Research Advisor, AARP Research

Sibora Gjecovi, MSW, is a Senior Research Advisor with AARP Research.

Areas of Expertise

Sibora has a background in demographics, GIS mapping and analysis, survey research and analysis and data integration.  

She provides decision support and consultation that contributes to both the membership and social impact aspects of AARP’s mission through the integration, synthesis, analysis, and sharing of data and information from a wide range of internal and external sources. Her work supports colleagues and researchers across AARP for a variety of initiatives.  

Her work includes: 

  • Secondary analysis of key data resources such as the ACS, CPS, the Decennial Census, Census Population Estimates and Projections, as well as proprietary and internal data sets including Nielsen’s current year demographic estimates for small geographic areas, the Scarborough USA Consumer Survey, the AARP Member Data Base, the AARP Member Opinion Survey, etc.
  • Geographic analyses of demographics, AARP membership and AARP providers.


Sibora is a native of Albania, but has called Washington, D.C. her home for many years now. She joined AARP in 2006. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work specializing in planning, management and administration for social change, including a certificate in International Social Development from The Catholic University of America. Prior to joining AARP, her research work focused on issues of immigration and at-risk youth. 



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