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AARP Grandparenting Survey

The AARP Grandparenting Survey explored many facets of the grandparent-grandchild relationship including communications, grandparent roles, activities, spending patterns, relationships, and values. This national survey of 823 grandparents age 50 and older found that 82% of grandparents had seen a grandchild in the past month, 85% had talked to a grandchild on the telephone, and 53% had sent a greeting card. About seven in ten had shared a meal with a grandchild, half had watched a television comedy or had their grandchild spend the night, and about four in ten shopped for clothes, took part in exercise or sports, watched educational television, attended a religious service, or watched a video. Half say they frequently play the role of friend or companion for a grandchild. When asked to rate their relationship with one grandchild, chosen randomly by the computer, grandparents gave an average rating of 8.7 on a 10-point scale. The values grandparents say they most want to pass on to their grandchildren are morals or integrity (42%), success or ambition (21%), or religion (20%).