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Defining the New Work Reality

What do experts have to say about the future of work?  These opinion pieces present differing views on a variety of work topics.

Please note: The views expressed by the authors are meant to encourage debate and discussions; they do not necessarily represent official policies of AARP.

How have trends in job quality changed over time, and what can we expect in the future?

This longer essay examines recent trends, drills down into three occupations, and looks ahead at the challenges and opportunities facing workers, employers and government.

What excites you about the new work reality and its opportunities for workers as they age?  What about it keeps you up at night?

Some employers are reluctant to hire people who have been unemployed for a long time, many of whom are older. What is the most effective strategy for giving the long-term unemployed a chance to prove themselves to employers?

Susan Reinhard is senior vice president and director of AARP Public Policy Institute. Read her latest blogs on family caregiving, healthy living, nursing and more. Read Susan's Blogs