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The BankSafe training platform combines world-class content from AARP with a state-of-the-art online experience.

Designed specifically for the frontline staff, call center representatives, financial advisors, supervisors and risk management officers who are at the forefront of the fight against financial exploitation, BankSafe provides the best, most current and engaging training available to protect older consumers and empower the financial industry — namely your frontline staff.

If your question is not answered on this page and you need further assistance, please call the BankSafe Support Center at (800) 216-4910.

AARP developed the BankSafe training with input from over 2,000 bank, credit union, regulatory, legal, government, non-profit and law enforcement professionals. We’ve focused the training on empowering frontline staff with the skills and confidence to take action to prevent money from ever leaving the account. The result is a highly engaging online learning experience with interactive games, videos, real-life scenarios and state-specific resources. The BankSafe training:

  • Builds understanding, empathy and motivation in the learner
  • Goes beyond mere education with a series of exercises enabling staff to build their knowledge and skills through interactive scenarios, games and quizzes
  • Includes content unique to the requirements, laws and resources in every state
  • Connects the fight against financial exploitation to the impact to the financial industry
  • Complements and expands on other trainings the employee may have taken
  • Fits into the busy schedules of staff by enabling them to complete the one-hour training at their own pace

The BankSafe platform includes five modules, each with short, bite-sized education and training exercises, that employees can complete at their own pace or in one sitting. The five modules comprising the roughly one-hour training are organized to help employees:

  1. Learn about financial exploitation and its impact on both older Americans and your financial institution.
  2. Identify red flags for financial exploitation.
  3. Develop skills to ask the right questions and take the right actions when they suspect financial exploitation.
  4. Understand state-specific reporting requirements and available community resources.
  5. Practice and put newfound skills to the test.

You can get a glimpse of the modules and activities in action in the video below.

Yes. The BankSafe training platform includes administrative reporting tools that will allow you, and those you provide with administrator credentials, to see employee progress and performance. The reporting tools include printable, customized reports that you can use for internal purposes or for use in coordination with regulators. Registration options also allow for institutions to set up access to branch-specific reports.

AARP will present a personalized certificate to all employees that complete the BankSafe training course so that their peers and clients understand their commitment to stopping the exploitation of older adults.

All financial industry organizations participating in the BankSafe training are eligible to be considered to receive an “AARP BankSafe Trained” recognition seal. To qualify, institutions in good standing must have at least 80% of their frontline employees pass the BankSafe training and confirm that they have a policy in place to report financial exploitation.

Institutions who apply for and meet the requirements will be listed on AARP’s website and can request recognition materials for use by their organization.

All banks and credit unions and investment firms within the United States can have their staff trained through the BankSafe training platform at no cost. 

Yes, there are three versions of the training available: one for banks, one for credit unions and one for investment firms. The core curriculum, features and look and feel are consistent between each. The examples provided, interactive scenarios, terminology and industry expert interviews are all specific to each type of institution. 

The BankSafe training platform is a custom-developed learning management system that you and your staff can access through any up-to-date web browser. You can see a full overview of the technical requirements and recommendations for the training here.

Most financial organizations find that simply linking their staff to our platform meets their needs. We are currently exploring options for certain customized access methods. If you find the platform won’t meet your needs, please contact the BankSafe Support Center at (800) 216-4910.

Yes. The below video previews many features of the AARP BankSafe training, which is free. When you register your organization, you’ll be able to preview the entire training before you sign-up your employees. Please note that when provided the option between ‘Detailed Account’ and ‘Basic Account’, we recommend choosing ‘Detailed Account’.