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Empower Staff and Fight Financial Exploitation

AARP’s BankSafe training combines industry knowledge and experience with a state-of-the-art, online learning experience. AARP worked with more than 2,000 financial industry professionals to develop the training platform’s content and interactive scenarios. The platform is one of few designed specifically for frontline staff, supervisors and compliance officers.

Users learn how to identify potential financial exploitation and take the right actions to stop it. In fact, researchers from Virginia Tech Center for Gerontology found that employees trained with AARP BankSafe were able to save an average of 12 times more money per employee from financial exploitation than employees trained with other methods. To learn more, please read the full report or report summary.


Features of the BankSafe training:

Icon of a calendar and alarm clock

Self-paced activities fit into the busy schedules of frontline staff

Outlined sketch of a person looking at a computer

Videos and activities build empathy and understanding of how to interact with older consumers

Icon of a computer and a gaming controller

Interactive scenarios, games and quizzes enable staff to put their knowledge and skills to the test

Sketched icon of a building and a bag of money

AARP’s research connects the fight against exploitation to the impact on financial institutions


Icon of a computer with a pie graph on the screen

Five modules contain short, bite-sized exercises that teach staff how to spot suspected exploitation and steps to take to stop the money before it leaves the account

Drawing of a US map with a clipboard

State-specific reporting requirements and resources, as well as tip sheets, are at staff’s fingertips

Icon of a bar graph

Managers and supervisors can monitor staff’s progress

Icon of a certificate

Trained staff receive a certificate showcasing their new skills


A Free, Award-Winning Training, Endorsed by Banks and Credit Unions

The BankSafe training is a game changer. It's taking training employees to a whole new level. It's flexible and provides the accountability that a bank wants and the modern training that employees have come to expect.

As the CEO of a credit union, it's really important that we're here to protect our memebers, and that's what's great about BankSafe. Our members come to us because they trust us, and now we have the training to show them we know what we're talking about

Platinum Learn X Live Awards 2019 Winner
Horizon interactive awards. Silver winner
Omni Awards Gold
14th annual Davey awards. Silver winner
40th Annual Bronze Winner. The Telly Awards

All banks and credit unions within the United States can have their staff trained through the BankSafe platform at no cost.


Apply for Verification from AARP

As part of the BankSafe program, financial institutions can apply to have AARP verify that at least 80% of their frontline staff successfully passed the BankSafe training and confirm that they have a financial-exploitation escalation reporting policy. Qualifying banks and credit unions in good standing can apply to receive a seal from AARP, good for one year, recognizing their commitment to fighting exploitation. Learn how to get verified.

Trained to protect your savings. A A R P Bank Safe 2019