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AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit

Learn how to assess and report on the safety and bikeability of a street, intersection or neighborhood — and inspire needed change

Created by AARP Livable Communities with the League of American Bicyclists, the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit is a free, 32-page, information- and image-filled guide that can be used by cycling advocates and local leaders to assess and improve the safety and accessibility of a community’s streets and paths for all users, including cyclists.

The bicycling tool kit provides a step-by-step approach to observing and documenting the safe or unsafe bikeability of a location. The results of a community bike audit can educate local decision-makers and provide them with the needed data, solutions and strategies for achieving change.

Anyone can do a bike audit. In fact, the best audits are done by people with a range of perspectives and mobility needs.

  • The free AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit is available in print or as a PDF download.

  • The worksheets are available as printable, online-fillable PDF downloads in single-sheet and two-page-large-type versions. 

Get the Guide

The 32-page print edition of the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit includes a back pocket for storing worksheets.

Get the Worksheets

The AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit's worksheets can be downloaded, printed and shared. Select the needed worksheet(s) or download the complete collection.

Get a Sample Presentation

The following template can help with organizing and creating a presentation or report.

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit

The AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit is a companion guide to the AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit. Learn more at »

Page published October 2023

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