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Life Made Easier: Bags on a Roll

Whether you're going to work, school, vacation or just out — there's now a roll bag for that

Roll With It Bags

The Voorhes

Roller bags are available in various styles, like the five pictured above.

What started in the late ’80s as a back-saving means to get your luggage through the airport — two wheels and an extending handle — has since moved to all sorts of bags and cases. Never carry heavy items again!

Laptop cases

Our computers may be portable, but that doesn’t mean they’re light. Those few pounds of microcircuitry can really add up.

Pictured: McKlein USA W Series Glen Ellyn, $175


You won’t look quite like Don Draper by pulling your attaché behind you. But we’re guessing you’ve ditched wearing fedoras, too. 

Pictured: Mancini Leather Goods Wheeled Catalog Case, $170 or Case, $135

Tote bags 

Is it a tote if you don’t actually carry it? No matter — it’s still a stylish way to bring your things from one place to another.

Pictured: Olympia Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote, $30 

Duffel bags

Sure, you could get an early start on your workout by lugging your stuff. Or you could save that energy for the weight room.

Pictured: L.L. Bean Rolling Adventure Duffel, $100

Guitar cases

No roadie, no problem. Take that heavy, bulky instrument to all your gigs and practices with ease. Let the good times roll.

Pictured: SKB Cases ATA Roto Electric Bass Case, $135

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