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Work Reimagined: Uncover Your Calling

By Richard J. Leider and David Shapiro

Book Description

It's the end of work as we know it. Career paths look nothing like they did in the days before phones got smart. We work more hours at more jobs for more years than ever. So it's vital that we know how to find work that allows us to remain true to our deepest sense of who we are and that connects us to something larger than ourselves — in short, our calling. We all have one, and best-selling authors Richard J. Leider and David Shapiro can help you uncover it.

Through a unique "Calling Card" exercise that features a guided exploration of 52 "natural preferences" (such as Advancing Ideas, Doing the Numbers, Building Relationships and Performing Events), Leider and Shapiro give us a new way to uncover our gifts, passions and values, and to find work that expresses them. Along the way, they mix in dozens of inspiring stories featuring people who have found, or are in the process of finding, their own callings.

To live the life you imagine, you must continually reimagine the work that makes such a life possible. Uncovering your calling best enables you to experience fulfillment in all phases of your life. And here's the even better news: You'll never have to work again. When you choose to do what you are called to do — and you can — then you're always doing what you want to do. Work Reimagined offers an enlightening, effective and entertaining approach to discovering what you were born to do, no matter what age or stage of life you're in.