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‘Wise Moves’ Checklist for Where to Live, What to Consider, and Whether to Stay or Go

by Sally Hurme and Lawrence A. Frolik



American Bar Association (ABA)
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2021 Winner: Silver Nautilus Award

The one book you need when considering a move

“Our homeowners are always asking us: Should I stay or should I go? This book helps you answer that question and move on from there, step by step. Everything starts at home, as we like to say. Home is where you start every day of every chapter in your life. With Wise Moves, you can make it good, safe, secure, and yours forever.”

—Drew and Jonathan Scott, HGTV’s Property Brothers, editorial directors of Reveal magazine

Considering a move? This easy-to-use guide helps you make the best choice for you, whatever stage you are in. Should you stay put? Would a few inexpensive renovations make your home the home of a lifetime? If you need a little help at home, where can you find it? Or should you move? And if so, where? And how to pay for it all?

Topics covered include:

• Fitting your home to your needs

• Downsizing to rental apartments, condos and co-ops

• Choosing independent living and active adult communities

• Finding quality assisted living and memory care

• Getting the best nursing care

• Buying second homes

• Deciding whether timeshares are worth it

• Moving abroad

The authors, experts in the field who also have a broad range of personal experience, provide checklists in each chapter to help you discern your next steps and walk you gently through the process.

“Everyone I know seems to be talking about downsizing or where to move next, yet there are so many considerations when weighing the rest of your life. This comprehensive book organizes everything you need to know — from aging in place, independent living and assisted living facilities to paying for it all, with practical information and checklists to help your decision-making. This is the book I’ve been waiting for someone to write.”

—Lee Woodruff, journalist, best-selling author and cofounder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation for injured veterans

“Cut the medical jargon, cut the legalese, cut the stereotypes and give us a map — clear and comprehensive — and a compass. That’s what this Wise Moves accomplishes, thanks to the vast experience and acumen of its two authors. Hurme and Frolik know their stuff and know how to equip you with smart tools for choosing or creating the right environment for your loved one’s or your own later years.”

—Charlie Sabatino, director, ABA Commission on Law and Aging

“A practical book filled with useful information. An invaluable resource for older Americans thinking about a move to a different home or locale.”

—David English, former chair, ABA Commission on Law and Aging

“So many people wait to plan a move to a senior living community until they’re ‘ready.’ Unfortunately, by then, it’s often too late. They make decisions in the midst of a crisis and miss the opportunity to live in an environment that will support their well-being. This book provides tools for proactively assessing what’s important in deciding your future.”

—Jill Vitale-Aussem, CEO of The Eden Alternative and author of AARP’s Disrupting the Status Quo of Aging: A Mindshift