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‘The Whole Body Reset’




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Stop — and even reverse! — age-related weight gain and muscle loss with the first-ever tested and proven, science-based weight-loss plan specifically designed to shrink your belly, extend your life and create your healthiest self at mid-life and beyond.​​ You don’t have to gain weight as you age. That’s the simple yet revolutionary promise of The Whole Body Reset, which uncovers why standard diet and exercise advice stops working for us as we approach midlife — and reveals how simple changes to the way we eat can halt, and even reverse, age-related weight gain and muscle loss.

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The Whole Body Reset presents stunning new evidence about the power of “protein timing” for people at midlife — research that blows away current government guidelines, refutes the myth of slowing metabolisms and “inevitable” weight gain, and changes the way people in their mid-40s and older should think about food. The Whole Body Reset explains in simple, inspiring terms exactly how our bodies change with age, and how eating to accommodate those changes can make us respond to exercise as if we were 20 to 30 years younger.

Developed by AARP, tested by a panel of more than 100 AARP employees, and approved by an international board of doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts, The Whole Body Reset doesn’t use diet phases, eating windows, calorie restriction or other trendy gimmicks. Its six simple secrets and scores of recipes are easy to follow, designed for real people living in the real world. A dining guide even shows how to follow this program in popular restaurants from McDonald’s to Starbucks to Olive Garden. And best of all: It works!

About the Authors

Stephen Perrine has been an author, editor or publisher on more than two dozen New York Times best sellers, including the Eat This, Not That! series. As executive editor for AARP the Magazine and the AARP Bulletin, he oversees health and wellness coverage reaching more than 38 million readers. He is coauthor, with Danica Patrick, of Pretty Intense, and cocreator of Better Man, a nationally syndicated health and wellness TV show for men. The former editor-in-chief of Best Life and editorial creative director of Men’s Health, he has appeared as a nutrition expert on the Today ShowGood Morning America and The 700 Club.

A nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Heidi Skolnik has appeared on national media including the Today show, Live! With Kelly and Michael and the Food Network. She oversees performance nutrition at the School of American Ballet and the Julliard School and has been a part of the Women Sports Medicine Center at Hospital for Special Surgery for over 20 years. She previously served as team nutritionist for the New York Giants, New York Knicks and New York Mets. She sits on the advisory board of the National Menopause Foundation and served on the board member of the National Osteoporosis Foundation for 10 years. She is the author of Grill Yourself Skinny and coauthor of Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance and The Reverse Diet.