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AARP Memory Activity Book: Engaging Ways to Stimulate the Brain, for People Living with Memory Loss or Dementia



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More than 70 brain-stimulating activities for people with memory loss or dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease

Book Description

Physical and mental activities along with social interaction may help maintain your brain health and slow the progress of memory loss and dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. They can also provide a meaningful way to connect. This book is packed with fun and creative ideas, from nature walks, gardening, and exercise to arts, crafts, puzzles, and games. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions, the specific benefits, and ways to adapt the activity for different abilities. Designed for people with memory loss or dementia along with their family, friends, and caregivers, AARPs Memory Activity Book is a valuable resource for everyone touched by these conditions.

Learn more about brain health; visit AARP Staying Sharp.