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Eat This Not That: For a Longer, Leaner, Healthier Life

Foreword by David Zinczenko

Book Description

Lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more, and put yourself back in control of your weight, your health and your life!

Don’t diet; don’t sacrifice; and don’t waste money or time on expensive weight-loss foods. In fact, you can start dropping pounds today while eating all your favorite foods — from pizza and pasta to burgers and even dessert.

From the editors of the bestselling series Eat This, Not That! comes a unique diet program that strips away added sugars and melts fat — from your belly first. The trick: A series of simple swaps that will ensure you’re eating the very best options from your favorite restaurants and grocery store brands. Discover how easy it is to indulge your way to a flat belly while protecting your brain and striking a blow against heart disease, diabetes and more.

Eat This, Not That! for a Longer, Leaner, Healthier Life is based on four easy-to-remember nutrition rules:

  • Use the simple guide to ensure you’re always making the smartest, healthiest, leanest choice in any restaurant or grocery store.
  • Enjoy rich, creamy, healthy fats, so you never feel hungry or deprived, even while your metabolism is revving on high.
  • Reduce added sugars — without sacrificing flavor — with a series of simple tips that will help you enjoy your favorite desserts without gaining an ounce!
  • Power up your day with 10 essential longer life superfoods for maximum health and rapid weight loss.

Get ready to drop that extra weight faster than you’ve ever imagined — and enjoy every bite!