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Disrupt Aging: The National Bestseller Now in Paperback (Updated Edition)

A bold new path to living your best life at every age

Disrupt Aging, paperback book

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New paperback available on April 10, 2018.

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Disrupt Aging (updated and in paperback) is available at your local bookstore and online.  

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A book for anyone who wants to live a life of possibility, connection, and growth

We've all seen the ads on TV and in magazines: "50 is the new 30!" "60 is the new 40!" AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins disagrees. 50 is (the new) 50, and she, for one, likes the look of it.

Jo Ann Jenkins’ national bestselling book, Disrupt Aging, was originally released in 2016, and changed the conversation about aging by challenging our outdated beliefs and encouraging us all to re-think the negative stories we tell ourselves and each other about growing older.

Since then we’ve begun to see shifts in attitudes, behaviors, and culture. Every day we see more influencers and individuals from around the world calling out ageist attitudes that limit people of all ages. We are proud to be part of this movement!

Disrupt Aging chronicles Jo Ann’s journey as well as those of other fearless individuals working to transform what it means to age. The book details how to embrace opportunity and change the way society looks at getting older.   

In her down-to-earth personal style, Jo Ann provides readers practical, hands-on advice on a broad range of key issues, including:

  • Taking Control of Your Health
  • Choosing Where You Live
  • Making Your Money Last
  • Putting Your Experience to Work

Our ability to live longer, healthier lives is one of our greatest achievements  it’s time we treat it as such. This book will show readers how.

The updated version of Disrupt Aging takes a closer look at the opportunities that come with huge numbers of us living longer. The book explores the broader societal view: how we need to adapt our public policies, our institutions, our social structure, and our infrastructure to make these longer lives enriching and fulfilling – for all – not just the privileged few. Disrupt Aging lays out a framework for doing that, and inspires readers with recent examples of age disruption in the U.S. and around the world.

As you read Disrupt Aging, you’ll discover that it’s not about aging, or adding years to the end of our lives—it’s about living. And creating a bold new path to living your best life.

Interested in leading a Disrupt Aging book club discussion? Download the discussion guide here.

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Praise for Disrupt Aging

“Jo Ann Jenkins’s Disrupt Aging is spot-on: every single year is a gift. By confronting the most common stereotypes about aging, this book will help us all live each year to the fullest.”

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org


“Jo Ann Jenkins doesn’t just challenge the stereotypes of aging, she reduces them to rubble, showing that our later years can be just as productive, meaningful, and purposeful as our primary working years. Disrupt Aging is for anyone who insists on living a life of connection, engagement, expansion, and possibility—at any age.”

Arianna Huffington, cofounder, president, and editor in chief of the Huffington Post Media Group


 “Jo Ann Jenkins believes that age and experience can expand life’s possibilities for all of us. In this personal and thought-provoking book, she inspires us to seize the opportunities that longer lives give us and to embrace aging as something to look forward to, not something to fear.”

Jeff Gordon, four-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion


“In Disrupt Aging, Jo Ann Jenkins lays out a game plan for living your best life regardless of your age.”

Dan Marino, former NFL Quarterback


“In Disrupt Aging, Jenkins offers the generational call to action we’ve been waiting for. Beautifully written, full of humor and inspiration, and powerfully argued, this book offers the definitive map for making the most of the longevity revolution, as individuals and as a nation.”

Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of and author of The Big Shift

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Jo Ann Jenkins: Disrupt Aging and Embrace Growing Older - AARP

AARP CEO and Disrupt Aging author Jo Ann Jenkins challenges people to change the conversation about aging and embrace what it means to grow older during her recent appearance on the Dr. Phil show.

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Disrupt Aging is now available for online order.

Pricing varies by retailer


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