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a flotation raft that looks like a hundred dollar bill sits at the edge of an ocean

Has the Virus Made You Too Worried About Financial Security?

Here are some hard facts to ease your distress over the prospect of long-term economic disaster




man in mask walking outside

Study: Avoid This Material When Considering Face Masks

Gaiters, worn around necks, send out more fine mist

US passport with map

State Department Changes Overseas Travel Advisory

But other countries put up roadblocks for Americans

Two children stand outside hospital doors with hospital staff.

Coronavirus Complications Are Striking Young Kids, Too

Black, Hispanic children hospitalized at higher rates


 New York's mass transit agency wants Apple to come up with a better way for iPhone users to unlock their phones without taking off their masks, as it seeks to guard against the spread of COVID-19 in buses and subways.

Apple Creates Quick Way to Unlock iPhone in a Face Mask

Smartphone has tough time recognizing you masked

patricia heaton is smiling at the camera

How Patricia Heaton's Getting Through the Pandemic

She's attending virtual church and learning Spanish

Spike Lee in the film Do the Right Thing and Michael J Fox in a scene from Back to the Future

Watch the 20 Most Awesome, Classic Movies From the '80s

The decade shows it had the (right) stuff


Take a Quiz

A street sign on a freeway

Test Your Knowledge About Coronavirus

Symptoms, risk factors and more

happy woman arms stretched out as money rains down

A Retirement Quiz You Can’t Afford to Fail

Here's how to retire more comfortably

illustration of a vending machine stocked with streaming television services

How Well Do You Know Bargains?

Think you know AARP’s savings hints?

young female caregiver with an older woman

What Do You Know of Family Caregiving?

Improve your caregiver knowledge

Your Membership

Stimulus Payments More on Money

sample letter about stimulus debit cards superimposed over photo of treasury building

Unsure About Your Stimulus Debit Card?

Look for mail from the U.S. Treasury

calculator on top of 100 and 50 dollar bills

6 Ways to Get Your Payment in 2021

Make your claim on 2020 tax return

stimulus package note surrounded by magnifying glass, piggy bank, pencils and calculator on a table

12 Stimulus Check Myths — Busted

Learn what's real, what's not

blue fraud watch network banner

Tips and tools to help protect you and your federal stimulus money

Click on the map above to see the latest number of cases by state.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions More on Health

Coronavirus Tele Town Hall August 6

Listen to a Replay of Our August 6 Call-In

Experts answered your questions


colorful heart shape drawn with sidewalk chalk on pavement

How Can I Safely See My Grandkids?

Substitute driveway visits, video chats

Rear view of a woman in a nursing home room sitting in wheel chair looking out the window

Should I Move a Loved One Into My Home?

Weigh the needs and your abilities


man at his desk interacting with a zoom meeting showing on a large monitor in front of him

Where Can I Learn About Zoom Chats?

We'll show you what you need to know

Stack of 100 dollar bills with illustrative coronavirus stimulus payment check and alarm clock to show delay in receiving money

Where's My Stimulus? How Can I Get It?

You can get a missing check replaced


a list on an open notepad has a title in red marker that says Cut Expenses

How Can I Get Help As My Money Runs Out?

Here are some moves to stay solvent

three siblings and their grandparents stand in a large circle in a park socially distanced and wearing masks

Why Should I, Others Wear Face Masks?

They stop many tiny droplets we emit


Fitness trainer Bryant Johnson's 10-Minute Balance Workout

How Can I Keep From Feeling Creaky?

Try these easy 10-minute workouts


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