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Facing Heart Issues After COVID-19

Survivors are left with cardiac problems like structural damage and rhythm disorders

What to Do When Your Second Vaccine Dose Packs a Punch

Why the final shot can produce stronger side effects

All States Vaccinating Older Americans, But Ages Vary

Latest developments and state-by-state information

the covid vaccine in your state

The latest on how to get the vaccine.



12 Things You Can't Post About the Pandemic on Facebook

How the social media network targets misinformation

Potential Vaccine Side Effects Explained

Most are mild and resolve on their own

Pharmacies Allotment of Vaccines is Doubled

200 million more doses ordered by the government

Do the Vaccines Interfere With Prescription Drugs?

Experts explain why there's little reason to worry

8 Things to Know Before Your Second Vaccine

The do's and don'ts of the two-dose regimen

What You Should Know About the Coronavirus

Take extra precautions as more variants emerge

What If Your Vaccine Appointment is Postponed?

Don't panic: second doses can be delayed

8 Questions to Ask if a Loved One Is in a Nursing Home

Guidance for caregivers during the pandemic

Your Membership

Caregiving for a Loved One More Caregiving News

COVID-19 Cases, Deaths Drop Dramatically in Nursing Homes

Vaccines and herd immunity are delivering relief

Respite Relief Program For Military Caregivers

AARP and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation join forces

Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

Website links volunteers with those in need

Coping at Home


How to Stay Warm While Safely Socializing Outdoors

Weather the cold pandemic months with these tips

Programs Help Older Adults Get Computers, Internet

Age, low income keep many from going online

After Vaccination, Tiptoeing Back to Normalcy

Finding relief and getting a taste of pre-pandemic life


Travel Safety

New Rules Require Masks For Plane, Train and Bus Travel

Face coverings also mandated on federal property

Will You Need the COVID-19 Vaccine to Travel?

Possible requirements include 'health passports'

Planning a Trip? Here's What You Should Know

Experts still advise precautions as restrictions change

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