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1 Million Die From COVID in U.S.

Most have been older Americans 

Link Between COVID and Shingles

Risk for shingles may go up after a coronavirus infection

FDA Restricts Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

Some adults can still get the shot, including individuals who would otherwise go unvaccinated

the covid vaccine in your state

The latest on how to get the vaccine.


You Tested Positive for COVID: Should You Take Paxlovid?

The COVID treatment is becoming more accessible

Does One-Way Masking Protect You Against COVID?

A mask protects the wearer even if others go without

​​Medicare to Cover At-Home COVID-19 Tests​

​Beneficiaries can now pick up kits at pharmacies

FDA OKs Second COVID-19 Booster for 50+

Agency says fourth shot will improve protection

What to Know About the Latest Subvariants

Omicron’s family tree is growing

Improve Your Immune Response to Second Booster

What to do before and after the extra COVID shot

Video Spotlight

Should I Worry About the BA.2 Variant of COVID-19?

This is what we know about the new variant

Meet the Scientist Behind a Game-Changing Vaccine

She has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

4 COVID Vaccine and Mask Myths Debunked

Infectious diseases expert breaks down falsehoods

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Returning to Work

10 Ways to Get Ready to Go Back to the Office

These tips will help you prepare

10 Things You May Miss About Working From Home

Comfy clothes, no commuting may be missed

How To Beat Return-To-Work Sticker Shock

Consumers face reminder of office-related expenses

Caregiving for a Loved One More Caregiving News

COVID Death Rate in Nursing Homes Plummets

Experts say 1,000 deaths a month is still too high

How Caregivers, Recipients Can Live Safely

Make an informed choice​ amidst lingering COVID

40% of Nursing Home Residents Haven’t Boosted

More than 70% of workers without extra protection


Travel Safety

Traveling Soon? Keep This Health Information on Hand

Keep this medical info both physically and digitally

What to Know About Testing for Travel

When and where you can get tested

What It's Like to Visit Vegas in the Coronavirus Era

Sin City nearly restriction-free, attractions opening


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