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9 Notable Caregivers

Authors, actors and other entertainers caring for parents or spouses

  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Marcia Gay Harden

    En español | The Oscar-winning actress helps take care of her mom, Beverly Bushfield Harden, who has Alzheimer’s disease. She’s now writing a memoir that she describes as a "lyrical , loving homage" to her mother.

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Dan Gasby

    Gasby is caring for his wife, acclaimed restaurateur B. Smith, who has Alzheimer’s. He’s called it “definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” They collaborated on their 2016 book, Before I Forget: Love, Hope, Help, and Acceptance in Our Fight Against Alzheimer's.

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Queen Latifah

    The actress’s mom, Rita Owens, has lived with chronic heart failure for many years, with Queen Latifah helping her manage her care. The duo has worked with the American Heart Association to raise awareness about the condition.            

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Amy Grant

    The country singer’s father, Burton Grant, has debilitating dementia. She’s said that she and her three sisters are a caregiving team. “My advice to every family going through this is to talk honestly with each other.” 

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Frank Langella

    The actor received a 2016 Tony Award for his star turn in The Father, a play about a man battling dementia. Langella has said that his family cares for his brother, Andy, who has the condition and gave him insight into the role.  

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Liz Hernandez

    The Access Hollywood host’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago and now needs 24-hour care. Hernandez, an advocate for Alzheimer’s patients, has said that she or another family member checks in with her mom every day.

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Blair Underwood

    The L.A. Law star’s mom, Marilyn, has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. When Underwood played a wheelchair-bound detective in the 2013 TV show Ironside, he described it as “kind of a tribute to her.” He helps his father care for her.              

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Louise Penny

    The best-selling mystery writer cares for her husband, Michael, a former scientist and professor of medicine who has dementia. She’s spoken eloquently and lovingly about his condition and her own conflicting emotions.

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  • 9 Celebrity Caregivers

    Victor Manuelle

    The hit-making salsa singer’s father, Victor, has Alzheimer’s. Manuelle dedicated the song “Algo Le Pasa a Mi Héroe” (Something’s Wrong With My Hero) to him and has discussed the challenges families face when a loved one has dementia.

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