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Convenient, Affordable and Healthy Meal Options

Good nutrition is critical for a healthy life, especially as we age.

When you care for someone, it is important to keep both their healthy eating and yours in mind. The delivery of easy-to-prepare nutritious food can benefit you, your loved one and the whole family, saving you time and stress.

The good news: There are food delivery services that you can use to make meal prep a little easier for your family, improve your loved one’s nutrition and help alleviate your worries.

Many caregivers enjoy cooking for their loved one and use food delivery services to alleviate some of the time consuming steps involved in meal prep. There are delivery services for groceries, prepared meals and cut-up ingredients ready for cooking. Some services even tailor meals to specific dietary needs and preferences.

Ready to Order

Where should you begin your journey in evaluating food delivery services? First, figure out where you need help—is it a matter of logistics, interest or even something simple like not being able to lift a bag of groceries?

Things to consider include:

  • The kind of help your loved one needs. Where do they struggle in the meal process—with shopping, cooking, having an appetite or something else?
  • Medical conditions. Many things can impede healthy eating—such as ill-fitting dentures or chronic conditions for instance.
  • Your schedule. How much time do you have free to assist with grocery shopping and preparation?
  • Your support system. Talk to the people in your network to see who might be available to help. How available are friends and family to help out? If you have friends and family in the area who can work out a meal-time schedule with you, you may have your solution.
  • Your budget. Some services are free or can be purchased at a low cost.

Local Resources and Solutions

Find caregiving resources, solutions, and support close to you or your loved one's home