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AARP Caregiving Expert: Barry J. Jacobs

Barry J. Jacobs is a clinical psychologist, a family therapist and a member of AARP's Caregiving Advisory Panel.

His passion for enhancing support for family caregivers led him to write or cowrite dozens of articles and several books on the subject, including AARP Meditations for Caregivers: Practical, Emotional and Spiritual Support for You and Your Family and the forthcoming Love and Meaning at 50. He served as caregiver for his mother and stepfather, both of whom had dementia.

Jacobs has appeared as a caregiving expert on Dr. Phil and given more than 600 presentations for family caregivers, community groups, and medical and mental health professionals. His areas of expertise include behavioral health integration, complex care management, enhancing family caregiver engagement and supports, team-based care, and provider wellness.

A former magazine journalist, he helped put together the first edition of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll.

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