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4 Hygiene Tips To Help You Feel Fresh at Home and on the Road

Don’t let incontinence hold you back. Say yes to life with confidence!

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With all the joys of this stage of your life (like freedom to enjoy the activities you love and time with family), aging sometimes comes with a few inconveniences. One of them is incontinence. Whether incontinence is a temporary situation or a longer-term condition, there are ways to keep living your life confidently.  

Here are four ways to feel fresh and stop incontinence from interfering with your most fulfilling life. 

1. Acknowledge Your Condition 

Living with incontinence can feel uncomfortable, and accepting it as part of your day-to-day life can be a hard first step. Your first instinct might even be to deny that it’s happening. However, once you acknowledge you have incontinence, you’re able to plan for what you’ll need. Ultimately, this means you’ll be able to treat incontinence like any other part of your personal care or health regimen – something to plan for, but nothing that stops you from enjoying your life. 

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2. Make a Few Lifestyle Changes

With a few simple adjustments, you might be able to manage your incontinence better. For example, a regular exercise routine can help you maintain weight and avoid putting excess pressure on your bladder. Caffeine and alcohol might be bladder irritants, so consider limiting those (especially when you’re dining out with friends or family). Finally, practice pelvic floor exercises to improve your control over the “urge to go.” Kegels, for example, strengthen the muscles that support the bladder during daily activities like walking, standing, and sneezing. 

3. Be Prepared

Once you start treating incontinence as just another normal part of life, being prepared is your first line of defense against a possible embarrassing moment. Pack a “gotta go” bag to keep in your car with products like Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes, Poise® Pads or Depend® Underwear, and a change of clothes. For days on the go, have a stash of Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes in a purse or backpack for a quick, easy refresh you can do anywhere. 

Did you know you can buy incontinence products with your Medicare Advantage OTC card for you or a loved one at Walmart and Depend® and Poise® qualify for both FSA and HSA spending, as well as Medicare Advantage. So buying them on your Medicare Advantage OTC card frees up your FSA or HSA card for different health priorities.

4. Use Products Designed To Give You Optimal Protection

Not all products are created equally, nor can they provide the protection you need for a busy, satisfying life. Depend® and Poise® are outstanding absorbent underwear and pad products that can help give you the confidence to reconnect with the life you may have been missing. With convenient, effective incontinence products on hand, you can take on your day and feel your best. 

With these tips to stay fresh wherever you are, you can go about your day more carefree instead of letting incontinence dictate your day. Plus, by purchasing at Walmart or using your Medicare Advantage OTC card, you can buy high-quality absorbent Depend®, Poise®, and Cottonelle® products. That way, you’re maximizing your money while gaining the confidence you need to live life on your terms. 

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