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What To Know About RV Vacationing

Explore today’s hottest way to travel

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More Americans are exploring the country and expanding their horizons in RVs than ever before. In 2020, sales of recreational vehicles hit a record as vacationers sought a safe way to travel during the pandemic. Even though travel restrictions are being lifted, RV sales continue to hit new heights, propelled largely by first-time RV owners.  

These new RVers are discovering the unmatched joy and freedom of going where the road takes them. RVs offer a chance to engage in an active outdoor lifestyle while having complete control over your environment. 

Recharge. Refresh. Explore. Immerse. Here’s what you need to know about the RV experience.  

Vacationing by RV Saves You Money 

When you travel with everything, including the kitchen sink, your budget goes a lot further. If you’re hitting the road with a friend or partner, an RV vacation will cost you as much as 50% less than traditional types of trips. A family of four can slash their expenses by up to two-thirds. Bring along your bikes, skis, kayaks, golf clubs, and surfboards, and you’ll skip the cost of equipment rentals. And, of course, you won’t have to pay for boarding your furry friends. Bottom line: You’ll have more money to spend on dining out, activities like concerts and ziplining, and extra vacation days.

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Photo Credit: Go RVing

Modern RVs Can Have All the Comforts of Home

If you want to experience luxury on your vacation, today’s RVs offer every amenity of a plush hotel room, plus some other bells and whistles. You can enjoy well-equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances, full-sized bathrooms, bedrooms with king-sized beds, lots of storage, living areas with entertainment centers and fireplaces, centrally controlled heating and air conditioning, even extra sleeping areas that can be lowered and raised at the touch of a button to accommodate as many as eight people. All this can be enjoyed in a low-maintenance vehicle that’s easy to drive and navigate.

You’re Never Alone on the Open Road

An RV vacation offers both privacy and community. There’s no waiting on long lines to check into a flight. You don’t have to change out of your PJs to go down to the hotel restaurant for a cup of coffee in the morning. But RVing also brings together like-minded people eager to share their tips on the secret waterfall hiking trail or where to get the best lobster rolls in town. You’ll find fellow RVers at the campground or RV resort become instant friends as you swap stories and s’mores over a firepit, enjoy a potluck sunset picnic, join together for a softball game, or participate in a yoga class on a mountaintop.

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RV Vacations Are Endlessly Versatile

From a week spent hiking, biking, and rock climbing in a national park, to a weekend escape that includes antique shopping or tailgating before a big game, RV vacations are endlessly flexible. Yes, you can explore the great outdoors, but you’ll also find RV campgrounds and resorts near every major city from Boston to Austin and from San Francisco to New York - in vineyards and on mountaintops, by the beach, on a lake, or in the desert. Urban adventure, remote getaway, foodie tour, music festival – whatever your interests and schedule, your RV is your ticket to unforgettable new experiences.

Ready to be in the driver’s seat? From lightweight travel trailers to roomy motor homes, there’s a recreational vehicle for every lifestyle. Start by asking yourself a few key questions: What’s your budget? Who will travel in the RV? Are you a road tripper who will head out for weeks at a time and travel to different locations? A destination traveler or a seasonal camper? Do you prefer private or public campgrounds? However you answer these questions, you’re on the road to new adventures.