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How to Buy a Car and Stay Safe

Couple driving in a new car (Photo provided by TrueCar) - AARP Auto Buying Program

AARP Auto Buying Program

Use the free AARP Auto Buying Program, available to AARP members and non-members, for a hassle-free used or new car buying experience and savings

7 Distracted Driving Tips The best advice for keeping your eyes safely on the road

Why Take a Driver Safety Course?

Because driving has changed since you first got your license, and doing so could save you money


Driving to the Future

Modern new black metallic sedan car in spotlight

Cars of the Future

8 of the most exciting car technology innovations coming soon to new vehicles

A man in a warehouse that manufacturers cars

How Long Will Your Car Last?

Tech advances help vehicles stay safe and sound for more years than ever before

Automatic braking system concept

See New Car Tech Features

Advanced vehicle features and smarter cars make driving safer and easier


Trends and Lifestyle

Senior man pouring Antifreeze windshield washer liquid during winter snow storm.

Is Your Vehicle Prepared for a Long Winter?

Drivers should follow these steps to stay safe in the cold and snow 

female calling car insurance company after an accident

Boomers Have the Lowest Car Insurance Premiums

Millennials pay 44 percent higher rates than boomers and 28 percent more than Gen Xers

photo of shovel, jumper cable and other supplies to keep in car during winter

What's in Your Car's Winter Emergency Kit?

How drivers can prepare for a snowstorm or icy road conditions 


Your Membership


Driving Safely

Driver Safety

Find an AARP Smart Driver™ Course Near You!

Learn strategies for staying safer behind the wheel

Is CarFit a Good Fit For You?

Program promotes safe driving and mobility among older drivers

Car Repair and Insurance

Auto Repair Quiz promo

Car Maintenance Quiz

Think you know how to get the most out of your ride with regular car maintenance? Take our quiz and learn how you rank.

Sales agent offering a car

Do You Know What Affects Your Car Insurance Rates?

Buying insurance for a new vehicle can be frustrating. Discover the many factors that can affect your car insurance premium

Dad showing son how to check car oil

How to Keep an Old Car Running

Most cars are designed to last and if you make it habit to follow these maintenance rituals, your automobile can stay running for quite some time

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