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Fall driving tips

9 Fall Driving Dangers

Autumn can lull drivers into inattentiveness, but it has hazards that need special attention

News and Tips

A disabled man has gotten out of a car, and is sitting in his wheelchair.  His loving wife is standing beside, with her arm around him

Mobility-Friendly Car Devices

Getting in and out of vehicles can be easier with these handy helpers

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper.

End of Car Lease Options

Follow this guide before you decide to lease (again) or buy

couple talking to a salesman at a car dealership

Best Time to Buy a Car

December brings good deals worth catching but there are other time periods to consider

yellow Hyundai Kona

High Performance SUVs

Many models have turbo power that older buyers really like

 two women in a car

AARP's Road to Driver Safety

The program celebrates 40 years of helping people stay safe behind the wheel

How to Get a Low Auto Loan

Just like cars, some loans are better deals than others. Learn how to get the best rate

Car Tech

Ford Fusion self driving car

Self-Driving Cars and the 50+

New autonomous passenger and delivery vehicles promise to improve life for older adults

Close Up Of Hand Pressing Car Bluetooth Control On Steering Wheel

10 New Car Features

A guide to add-ons that make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable

autonomous driving

Are You as Smart as Your Car? 

Test your knowledge of current car tech safety features 

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