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AARP Supplier Diversity in Action


AARP Supplier Diversity Testimonials

Success Stories

We are proud of the diverse-owned firms that do great work for AARP in a number of areas that are critical to the organization.

Mia Wenjen

Cofounder, Aquent

Daisy Exposito-Ulla

Chairman & CEO, d exposito & Partners


Supplier Diversity Awards

Seven award winners from A A R P 3rd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards and Recognition Program holding their awards

AARP hosted its 3rd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards and Recognition Program to recognize diverse suppliers that have done outstanding work with AARP as well as acknowledge internal departments, business units, team members and strategic partners that have demonstrated an organizational commitment to support, engage and sustain diverse suppliers. The event took place at AARP’s newly renovated headquarters in the Brickfield Center.

See the Supplier Diversity Awards Winners