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Have questions about your Social Security benefits? The AARP Social Security Resource Center can help.

Woman holds a smartphone to her face while using her laptop, with bills scattered across the table

Debt Collectors Could Send Unlimited Texts and Emails

New proposal would also limit how often companies could call consumers

Consumer Credit

hands holding letters that spell out debt

What Happens to Your Debt When You Die

Know what you owe and what you don't

Letter dice spelling out the word DEBTS on top of Euro coins

Find Out if Consolidating Your Debt is Right For You

Enter your data in our easy-to-use calculator



It May Be Time to Consider Paying Down Your Mortgage

New tax laws may make it more attractive

mortgage payoff calculator

How Much Can You Save on Your Mortgage?

Use our mortgage payment calculator to find out

Mature couple sit in front of their house

Many Retirees Don't Expect to Own Their Home Outright

44 percent continue to make mortgage payments

Medical Debt

Surgical hands cutting a dollar bill

How You Can Deduct Your Medical Expenses

What the new tax law means for health expenses

illustration of woman with past due medical bills

Fighting Cancer Takes a Toll on You — and Your Checkbook

How a money manager can improve survival rates

Table breaking under weight of medical bill

Loans Signed in the Hospital Leave Patients Vulnerable

Know your options before agreeing to a payment plan

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