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Learn Medicare Basics

It's important to understand the basics of Medicare eligibility, enrollment and more.

Medicare-Related Options

Explore Medicare-related options. Find out which option may best suits your needs.

Medicare Enrollment Windows

Learn when you can enroll in Medicare for the first time, and when you can make Medicare coverage changes.

Take the Medicare Quiz

Think you know about your Medicare-related options? Test your knowledge with a quiz!

Medicare Decision Making Steps

A basic guide to help you figure out where to start, what comes next and what you want out of your healthcare.

Medicare Basics

It's important to understand what Medicare covers.  Learn more with this at-a-glance chart. 

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance offers supplemental insurance coverage for those enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

Learn more: Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is Medicare Part C and often includes Part D prescription drug coverage in one plan.

Learn More: Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is a stand-alone prescription drug plan (PDP) that can help to cover the cost of your medications.

Learn More: Medicare Part D


Still have questions about Medicare?  Learn more on AARP Medicare Question and Answer Tool or go to, the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare.

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