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headshots of the a a r p fitness experts clockwise from top left denise austin bryant johnson kathy smith lorraine ladish and jorge cruise


Staying Active at Home

5 AARP fitness experts share workouts you can do in your living room

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Exercise and diet tips to get a flat stomach after 50


woman looks at her watch as she contemplates a run

When Fitness Fears Are Holding You Back

Experts share how to make a safe start to your exercise routine

Woman drinking water in a bottle

How to Stay Healthy as Summer Temps Rise

Strategies to avoid heatstroke, other illness on sweltering days

trainer Bryant Johnson does an upper body workout

7 Substitutes for Professional Fitness Equipment

No weights or kettlebells at home? Jugs of water and cans of paint can work

woman exercising outdoor on her patio

How to Avoid Injury When Exercising at Home

Working out in your basement is great. Less great? Achy backs and shoulder strains.

Foot on orthopedic insole.

How Orthotics Can Keep You Running Longer

Foot, ankle or knee pain? You may need new sneakers, inserts or orthotics.

A treadmill with a social distance sign on it

Gyms Are Reopening, But Is it Safe to Go Back?

Fitness centers are taking precautions; only you can decide if it's enough

kathy smith hiking on the shore of a beautiful lake

8 Great Reasons to Get Out and Start Walking

It’s great for your heart and weight, but the health benefits go further

Playing golf in the garden. Sport and workout during work home.

New Rules for Golf, Tennis and Pickleball During Coronavirus

The outbreak is a game changer, but players say they can mix fun and safety

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