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couple exercising in their dining room

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8 Simple Steps for Losing Weight

Tips for making major progress through small shifts

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Exercise and diet tips to get a flat stomach after 50


When Fitness Fears Are Holding You Back

Experts share how to make a safe start to your exercise routine

8 Great Reasons to Get Out and Start Walking

It’s great for your heart and weight, but the health benefits go further

Losing Weight ... and Becoming an Athlete

Older adults who dropped pounds and changed their lives with big fitness breakthroughs

How to Avoid Injury When Exercising at Home

Working out in your basement is great. Less great? Achy backs and shoulder strains.

How Orthotics Can Keep You Running Longer

Foot, ankle or knee pain? You may need new sneakers, inserts or orthotics.

Pandemic Planking Group Bolsters Friendships and Abs

This long-time group of friends found a healthy way to connect during COVID-19

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