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Get Moving

Getting Exercise Just Got Easier

Try one of our 20-plus fitness videos. Denise Austin gets you started


Fat-Burning Indoor Walking Workout With Denise Austin

This 10-minute walking workout burns calories

Bundle Up to Stay Warm on a Winter Walk

Don’t let weather derail your fitness plan

Weight-Bearing Exercises: Start Resisting

Bryant Johnson helps you put those muscles to work

Do We Really Need 10,000 Steps a Day?

What science says about daily walking

What to Eat When You're Working Out More

Exercise making you hungry? Here's how to eat smart

Walking Is Good for the Body and the Brain

Trim inches, lift your mood, extend your life

Ease Into Fitness With a Yoga Class For All Levels

Build strength, get flexible and lower stress

Don’t Let Strength Training Make You Nervous

Maintain muscle for balance and mobility

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