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Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice hero v3

Just ask Alexa or Google to open Raise Your Voice on your smart speaker and you’ll hear our take on the issues and latest legislative topics that affect you.

Decide where you stand. Then take action and be heard.

Experience Raise Your Voice

Listen to AARP's take on Medicare. Raise Your Voice also gives you AARP's position on Social Security,  Medicaid, Prescription Drug Prices and Family Caregiving.

How To...


Open Raise Your Voice

"Alexa, Open Raise Your Voice"*


"Hey Google, Open Raise Your Voice"


Access Core Issues

"Alexa, ask Raise Your Voice about Medicare"


"Hey Google, talk to Raise Your Voice about Social Security"


Connect to Resources

"Alexa, ask Raise Your Voice about my polling place"


"Hey Google, talk to Raise Your Voice about voter prep" 

*If you are using Alexa, remember to enable the skill through the Alexa App or Amazon Marketplace before getting started


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