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The Longevity Economy

A powerful new force is changing the face of America. It is composed of 106 million people responsible for at least $7.1 trillion in annual economic activity — a figure that is expected to reach well over $13.5 trillion in real terms by 2032. This is the Longevity Economy, representing the sum of all economic activity serving the needs of Americans over 50, including both the products and services they purchase directly and the further economic activity this spending generates. Why are innovators, companies and investors not looking to this huge growth market? What are the needs and wants of the 50-plus?


Market Opportunities

Health innovation frontiers represent a vast and under-addressed market opportunity. Breakthrough technologies, innovative services and disruptive business models will benefit more than 100 million people 50-plus and represent $20 billion in revenue by 2018.


Health Innovation Frontiers

Rarely has such an untapped opportunity existed to generate revenues for entrepreneurs, investors and others in the private sector to generate revenues while meeting the greatest wants and needs of a substantial, influential and important population: people 50 and over. This research finds that it is an opportunity that could, within five years, generate $20 billion in additional revenues for entrepreneurs and investors while having a significant impact on the lives of 100 million people.


50+ Consumer Electronics

AARP has sponsored research with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)* to spotlight the technology needs and wants of people age 50 and over.



* Through a relationship with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), AARP has sponsored custom analysis focusing on the needs and wants of the 50-plus community. This research and analysis has been conducted wholly by CEA. AARP was not involved in the gathering of data, analysis or production of the research or publication of the results. The results are presented here with permission of CEA.

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