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Americans age 50+ make up 27% of all moviegoers

Mid-life and older moviegoers are a powerful force at the box office. This white paper examines the movie going habits of adults age 50+.

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AARP and Ad Council Saving for Retirement Campaign Survey

Retirement attitudes survey to support AARP-Ad Council joint campaign - Saving for Retirement.

2017 Rhode Island Caregiving Survey

Majority of registered voters in Rhode Island 45-plus support a proposal helping working family caregivers continue to work.

2017 AARP Healthcare Survey

Americans’ attitudes towards the American Health Care Act and the policies included in this bill are explored in this survey.

2016 AARP Nevada Voter Retirement Security Survey

Many registered voters age 35-64 in the Nevada workforce do not feel financially prepared for retirement.

Empty Nesterdom: Attitudes and Behaviors of Current and Soon-to-Be Empty Nesters

A survey of current and soon-to-be empty nesters reveals their emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.


The percentage of 50+ workers who are not confident they will have enough money to pay for long-term care if needed during retirement.

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Approximately half of all Baby Boomers (46%) have a travel-related bucket list.

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