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Home Safe Home

Take a virtual room-by-room makeover tour and learn how family caregivers can make every room in the home safer for loved ones.

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1-877-333-5885 (1-888-971-2013 in Spanish) Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. ET Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET Share, get and give advice with other caregivers on our Online Caregiving Community

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What type of care are you looking for?

Fighting for You

I Heart Caregivers

Sandy cared for her mother for 4 years. Read her family caregiving story and share your own

Supporting Caregiving Families

About 40 million family caregivers in the United States provide an estimated 37 billion hours of care each year

Lifesaving Wedding Bands

When Elaine and Tommy were married, they vowed “in sickness and health”

From the Caregiving Community

Meet Our Caregivers

Amy Goyer is AARP's family and caregiving expert and author of AARP's Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving.

She spends most of her time in Phoenix, where she is caring for her 93-year-old dad, Robert, who has advanced Alzheimer's disease. Follow her blog and videos and connect with Amy on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.



Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving

Caregiving can be stressful. Read Amy Goyer's book to learn the day-to-day coping techniques best suited for caregivers

Barry J. Jacobs, a clinical psychologist and family therapist, is one of AARP's caregiver experts and coauthor of the new AARP Meditations for Caregivers: Practical, Emotional and Spiritual Support for You and Your Family (Da Capo, July 2016). Follow him on Twitter @drbarryjjacobs and on Facebook.

Meditations for Caregivers

This book blends emotional and spiritual motivation to maximize the gains of caregiving while minimizing the strains

Caregiving 101

Long-Distance Caregiving

Many caregivers care for loved ones who live far away. Read these tips on creating a solid care team

Dementia Caregiving

Many caregivers care for loved ones who have dementia or Alzheimer's

Common Caregiving Conflicts

Being a caregiver can be stressful. Diffuse conflict with these helpful tips

Caregiving Stories & Videos

Caregiving Issues

Apps to Help Caregivers Stay Organized

Five tips to keep you healthy and sane when dealing with more than one caregiving responsibility

Finding LGBT-Friendly Care

Find gay-friendly care providers who respect your sexuality

Stay Intimate When You're Your Partner's Caregiver

When you are your partner's caregiver, maintaining a close relationship is important

How to Lower Caregiver Stress

Mindfulness techniques can help you cope with anxiety and uncertainty in dealing with the stress of caregiving

Caregivers: The Federal Government Can Help You

Resources the federal government may be able to help you if you are a family caregiver

Advocate for Aging Parents

Five skills that will help you care for the ones you love, like communication

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