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    Why It Takes a Virtual Village

    Virtual Villages provide older adults with resources from social events to home food delivery services to help them grow older with ease.

    Should We Scare People Into Wearing Hearing Aids?

    How recent studies on dementia may add to the stigma of hearing loss and prevent many from seeking help


    Friends & Family

    Tune In to Millennials' TV Viewing Habits

    Find out what shows are most popular with millennials and how you can bond with them through TV

    Skateboard Mom and The Sisters of Shred

    Barbara Odanaka takes on her passion full-time and inspires other women.

    No Donuts For You! Fake Age Limit Targets Ageism

    Everyday age discrimination happens behind closed doors. What would happen if we brought it out into the open?

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    Sex & Intimacy

    Older Sex Comes out of the Closet

    AARP sex expert Pepper Schwartz praises the book for its intense look at older people having at each other

    'Am I Discovering I'm Bisexual?'

    Plus: A caregiver reveals the one request she never dreamed she'd hear from her father

    Video: Take a Romantic Getaway

    Learn why taking a romantic vacation can help reignite the spark in your relationship


    Caregivers: Care for Your Own Heart

    7 simple steps to prevent or live well with heart disease

    Caring for Our Moms

    So far nearly 20 states have taken legislative or regulatory action this year to support family caregivers

    Help From Hospital to Home

    The CARE Act could support 40 million family caregivers in America

    Dating & Marriage

    Dating for Grownups

    What's to be gained from going out with geezers? Plenty!

    What Should I Tell My Husband?

    A reader asks our sexpert how much of one's sexual history it's wise to reveal

    Video: What Is Your Best Dating Advice?

    We asked AARP members what their best dating advice is; see what they had to say

    House & Home

    15 Spring and Backyard Cleaning Tips

    How to make your home safe — inside and out

    The Experts in Your Life: What They Know That You Don't

    Here are the journeyman secrets, awkward truths and indispensable intel, straight from the source

    30 Best Cities for Staying Healthy

    30 of the best cities to live or retire that support your goals of living a healthy lifestyle

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