How Does Your Brain Score? Take the Staying Sharp Brain Health Assessment

    Friends & Family

    When Your Adult Child Bypasses College

    Success or failure: What a "gap year" after graduating from high school can mean for child

    How to Offer Criticism to Your Adult Kids

    Deal with the tension between you and your adult child instead of ignoring it

    9 Ways Your Mate Can Affect Your Health

    Is your significant other keeping you healthy — or making you sick?

    House & Home

    How to Prepare for a Hurricane

    How to stay safe during hurricane season

    If You Broke Your Leg...?

    What changes in your home would make it more age-friendly?

    12 Kitchen Safe Strategies

    Keep food delicious and fun by following these essential tips

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    Today's Hot Deals

    Sex & Intimacy

    How to Enhance Your Sex Life?

    Ask Dr. Pepper Schwartz, AARP's sexpert, and get answers to the best sex after 50

    Where to Find Sex Toys?

    With or without a partner, sexual aids can add to the pleasure

    What Is Sexual Inertia?

    Lack of sex does not mean lack of interest, but one partner still must act to 'move'

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