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AARP Text Program

For caregiving support, text CARETIPS to 97779

Five Tips for Sandwiched Caregivers

Stay healthy and sane when dealing with more than one caregiving responsibility

Find Senior Care Costs

What type of care are you looking for?

Caregivers Share Their Stories

The Baton

The film is a self-reflection told by filmmaker and caregiving daughter Kaypri Marcus. She not only cares for her mom in Los Angeles, but when Alzheimer’s began taking a toll, Kaypri finished her mother’s autobiography

I Heart Caregivers

Read stories from people across the country, share your own story, and sign up

Stepping Up: Stories of Jazz and Caregiving

Stories of Jazz and Caregiving lovingly opens a door into the lives of four musicians and their families as they struggle to balance the roles of artist, caregiver and patient


Care for the Caregiver

Trip of a Lifetime

A caregiver digs deep and finds renewal on a special Road Scholar trip to New Mexico

The Underappreciated Family Caregiver

Strategies for increasing caregiver morale, handling resentment and being appreciated

10 Ways for Caregivers to Nurture Themselves

Follow these 10 tips to nurture yourself physically, mentally and spiritually every day

Locate Resources

Hiring Someone to Help With Home Care

Before you hire a home health aide or other paid caregiver to provide care in the home for your loved one, find out about kinds of home care, costs and questions to ask

Find Support

1-877-333-5885 (1-888-971-2013 in Spanish) Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. ET Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET Share, get and give advice with other caregivers on our Online Caregiving Community


Caregivers: Life in the Sandwich Generation

In this interactive live-stream webinar, you’ll discover how to balance your life as both a family caregiver and a parent

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Caregiving Issues

When the Past Affects Present Caregiving

Past relationship issues need to be overcome in caregiving relationships

Care Recipients: Go From Guilty to Grateful

Try not to feel like you're a burden to your caregiver, and you'll both be happier

Caregiving and the Blame Game

How should caregivers handle being blamed and avoid feeling guilty or blaming others when caring for loved ones?

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